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4th International Vetiver Conference (2006) – Proceedings



The following, courtesy of the organizers of ICV4, is a list of the papers that were submitted and (most) presented at ICV4. Each paper is linked to the full paper or abstract. Our apologies if there are any papers missed. This page will be updated when the formal ICV4 Proceedings are published
Power Points
Plenary: Vetiver Systems – A Green Investment For Sustainable Development
The Vetiver System: Global technology that links the Vetiver and the people for strength communities and preserve natural resources. Dr. Narong Chomchalow, President Pacific Vetiver Network P1
Vetiver System: Agreen investment for sustainable development. Richard Grimshaw, The Internacional Vetiver NetworkTVN, USA P2
Handicrafts and vetiver: An innovative approach for community participation. Graciela Pantin. General Manager, Fundación Empresas Polar, Venezuela P3 (ing) (esp)
Contributions of vetiver grass technology (VGT) to natural resources conservation in Venezuela and Latinamerica. Oscar Simón Rodríguez, Coordinator of The Latinamerican Vetiver Network, Venezuela. P4 (ing) (esp)
Infrastructure protection and slope stabilization in rural and urbans areas in El Salvador. Ronaldo Chávez, Nobs Antierosión, El Salvador. P5
Vetiver system as a central tool in watershed management. James Smyle, World Bank and The Internacional Vetiver Network, USA. P6
Natural disaster prevention and mitigation through Vetiver System. Uthai Charanasri, Doi Tung Development Project, Thailand. P7
Vetiver System-Prevention and Control of Soil and Water Contamination. Paul Truong, The Vetiver Network and Veticon Consulting, Australia. P8
Alternative uses of Vetiver. Weerachai Nanakorn, Qeen Sirikit Botanic Gardens, Thailand. P9

Contributions of The Vetiver Network to the diffusion of Vetiver System with emphasis in communitarian development. Dale Rachmeler, President The Vetiver Network. USA. P10

The importance of the Vetiver System in the sustainable development of El Agua Minalba, PepsiCola Venezuela C.A. – Planta San Pedro. Juan Alberto Seijas and Davorin Hruskovec, Empresas Polar, Venezuela. P11 (esp)
Vetiver System Potential and Application in Latin America. Paul Truong FA02
Vetiver and integral projects for community development
The advantage of Vetiver Grass on the Royal Project’s highland development areas in Thailand. J. Kaewthip, S. Butpluang, A. Boonpongsri, S. Bonchee, Thailand. DC01 Speaker: Sawatdee Boonchee. King of Thailand Award
Use of communication media for the adoption of Vetiver grass plantation technology in watershed management program. P. Prakash B., India DC02 Speaker: Pawar B. Prakash
Vetiver’s poverty alleviation achievements propel Vetiver dissemination in Indonesia. D. J. Booth, A. Adinata, S. Younger, Indonesia DC03 Speaker: David John Booth
Community mobilization for the control of ravine erosion with Vetiver technology in the Congo. A. Ndona, P. Truong, Congo. DC04Speaker: Dale Rachmeler
The history and prospect of Vetiver development in China. Liyu Xu, China DC05 Speaker: Dale Rachmeler
Vetiver Grass planting in ropes system by comparing the Biomass and unit cost to other systems for developinginto industrial system and reducing the operation cost. S. Sumanochitraporn, M. Salaxana, S. Honghom, S. Manopeow, Thailand. DC06 Speaker: Samart Sumanochitraporn
Military Role in The Royally Initiated Development and Promotion of the Vetiver Utilization. S. Noonpackdee,Thailand. DC07 Speaker: Songvit Noonpackdee
Vetiver and people: Methodology of Fundación Empresas Polar Vetiver Project. O. Luque, G. Rivero, E. Ceballos, H. Fontana, Venezuela DC08 (esp) Speaker: Oswaldo Luque
Impacts of Vetiver in human development in the area of Jusepín and in neighborhood communities, Monagas state, Venezuela. D. Vilera, O. Luque, Z. Escala, A. Hernández, Venezuela DC09 (esp) Speaker: Diana Vilera
Communication strategy for Fundación Empresas Polar Vetiver Project and ICV-4 promotion. N. Branger M, J. Betancourt, Venezuela DC10 (esp)Speaker: Nancy Branger
Simple packing system for transport Vetiver’s fiber and clumps used in Venezuelan handicrafts and planting.E. Ceballos, Venezuela DC11 (esp) Speaker: Edgar Ceballos
The study of survival rates and unit costs of Vetiver Grass in terms of transportation and parking to schools under the office of Thai border polices responsibility, across the country including the progress of the project. S. Sumanochitraporn, Thailand. DC13 Speaker: Samart Sumanochitraporn
Music used as an instrument for the integration of communities in Fundación Empresas Polar Vetiver Project. O. Luque, N. Branger, G. Rivero, E. Ceballos, Venezuela. DC14 Speaker: Oswaldo Luque
Design facing a necessity. R. Girón, El Salvador DC15 (esp) Speaker: Roxana Girón
Our work with Vetiver at Fundación Golondrinas. M. Manteca, Ecuador DC17 (esp) Speaker: María Elisa Manteca
Example of daily information systematization (Binnacle) Vetiver Miralejos case, Vargas state, Venezuela. F. Sánchez, O. Luque, G. Rivero, Venezuela DC18 (esp) Speaker: Fidel Sánchez
Demonstrative example of community training with Vetiver handicrafts. J. Romero, H. Fontana, G. Rivero, O. Luque, E. Ceballos, Venezuela DC19 (esp) Speaker: Jorge Romero
Vetiver grass in eastern Uganda: a preliminary report on the dissemination challenges. B. J. Olweny, Uganda (DC 20) Speaker: James Olweny
People participation on using of Vetiver grass for soil and water conservation. S. Swuttanakoon, S. Promchowna, K. Tiwatri DC29 Speaker: Suda Swuttanakoon 
El Uso De Otros Sistemas De Flotación Para El Tratamiento De Aguas Residuales En Lagunas En Comunidades De Escasos Recursos Económicos. O. Luque, E.Ceballos DC22 (esp)
La Artesanía Vetiver Desde Tailandia Hasta Venezuela.  O.Luque, G.Rivero, E.Ceballos DC23 (esp)
Area Piloto Vetiver Santa Rosa Del Sur, Cuenca Alta Del Rio Guarico-Venezuela. R. Manzano, O.Luque, E.Andreu, G.Rivero, E.CeballosJ.Gonzalez DC25 (esp)
An Investigation On Using Vetiver Grass In Polypropylene Composite Usa Somnuk, Wandee Thomtong, Nitinat Suppakarn, Wimonlak Sutapun, Pranee Phinyocheep, and Yupaporn RuksakulpiwatDC28 (esp)
Vetiver and sustainable agriculture development
Vetiver potential for increasing groundwater recharge. B. Deesaeng, J. Pheunda, C. Onarsa, A. Boonsaner, Thailand DAS 01 Speaker: Boonma Deesaeng King of Thailand Award
Huay Kayeng, Thailand: Vetiver cultivation exemplar. S. Tansamrit, Thailand DAS02 Speaker: Sonkiert Tansamarit
Investigation, uses and diffusion of grass Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver) in Peru. J. Alegre Orihuela, Perú DAS03 (esp) Speaker: Julio Alegre Orihuela
Vetiver Grass: A tool in the sustainable management of crop pests. J. Van den Berg, South Africa DAS04 Speaker: Johann Van den Berg
Vetiver grass hedgerows evaluation of an agricultural Fallow system on steep land. R. Palomino, O. Silva, Venezuela DAS 05 (esp) Speaker: Oscar Silva
Vetiver grass for sustainable agriculture on adverse soils and climate in south Vietnam. L. Van Du, P. Truong, Vietnam DAS06 Speaker: Paul Truong

Experience with Vetiver use in Panamá. Á. Carril, Panamá DAS07 (esp)

Speaker: Ángel Carril
Working with Farmers: The Key to adoption Vetiver Grass Hedgerows to control erosion in Cassava Fields in Thailand. R. Howeler, W. Watananonta, W. Vongkasem, K. Klalhaeng, S. Jantawat, S. Randaway, B.Vankaew, Thailand DAS08 Speaker: Reinhardt Howeler
Study on relationship between soil microorganisms and nutrient elements of Vetiveria zizanioides and Vetiveria nemoralis in some problem soils of Thailand. C. Leaungvutiviroj, S. Piriyprin, P. Limtong, Thailand DC16 Speaker: Pitayakorn Limtong
Effect of Vetiver grass strip in controlling soil erosion in traditional farming practices and improvements in the yields of crops. B. Ola Olu, Nigeria DAS 09 Speaker: Babalola Ola Olu
The effectiveness of Vetiver grass hedgerows for soil and water conservation on the highland of northern Thailand. P. Inthapan, C. Sittibush, P. Limtong, N. Chan-in DAS 17 Speaker: Phithag Inthapan
Evaluación del crecimiento de raíces y retoños en plantas de vetiver  Autor: Prof. Eladio A. González Fuentes DAS11 (esp)
Effect Of Vetiver Grass Strip In Controlling Soil Erosion In Traditional Farming Practices And Improvements In The Yields Of Crops . O. Babalola DAS12
Vetiver Grass with Microbial Inoculants: Effect on Terrace Stabilization & Sustainable Farming in Mountains.  S. P. Yadav DAS13
Applications And Socio-Economic Impacts Of The Vetiver System In The Mekong Delta, Vietnam.  L. V. Dung, L.T. Phong, L.T. Danh and N. V. Mi DAS14
Study on relationship between soil microorganisms and nutrient elements of Vetiveria zizanioides and Vetiveria nemoralis in some problemed soils of Thailand. DAS16  Chaveevan Leaungvutiviroj, Siangjeaw Piriyprin and Pitayakon Limtong
Vetiver, bioengineering and environment
Effects of soil amendment on growth and lead accumulation in grasses Vetiveria zizanioides and Thysanolaena maxima grown in lead-contaminated soil. P. Rotkittikhun, R. Chaiyarat, M. Kruatrechue, P. Pokethitiyook, A. Baker, Thailand BA01 Speaker: P. Rotkittikhun. King of Thailand award
Efficiency of Vetiver Grass cultivated with floating platform technique in domestic wastewater treatment. K. Boonsong, M. Chansiri, Thailand BA02 Speaker: Kanokporn Boonsong
Vetiver system for natural disaster mitigation in Vietnam-An overview. T.Van, L. Dung, P. Phuoc, Vietnam BA03 Speaker: Paul Truong TVN award
Vetiver Grass for environmental protection and landscaping in Australia and around the world. P. Troung, J. Hedrick, G. Searle, Australia BA04 Speaker: Paul Truong
Currrent Vetiver system research, development and applications at Gelita APA, Australia. C. Smeal, P. Truong, Australia BA05 Speaker: Cameron Smeal
Application of Vetiver Grass Soil Based Reed Beds for Effluent Treatment at Gelita APOA, Australia. Cameron Smeal
Vetiver buffer strips: Modelling their effect on sediment and nutrient reduction from surface flow. J. Hussein, P. Troung, H. Ghadiri, B. Yu, C. Rose, Australia BA07 Speaker: Paul Truong
Preliminary results of pilot studies on the use of Vetiver grass for mine rehabilitation in Chile. R. Fonseca, C. Díaz, J. R. Candia, P. Troung, Chile BA08 Speaker: Rocío Fonseca
Environment problems and the use of Vetiver Grass for revegetation in Rare earth mine, South China. X. Kong, F. Luo, Y. Sun, L. Gao, China. BA09
Our protection experiences of high voltage transmission towers in Venezuela. O. Luque, R. Luque, J. Maldonado, Venezuela BA10 (esp)
Our protection experiences of high voltage transmission towers in Venezuela. O. Luque, R. Luque, J. Maldonado, Venezuela BA10 (esp)
Our protection experiences of high voltage transmission towers in Venezuela. O. Luque, R. Luque, J. Maldonado, Venezuela BA10 (esp) Speaker: Oswaldo Luque
Improving the efficiency of the Vetiver system in the highway slope stabilization for sustainability and saving of maintenance cost. S. Sanguankaeo, L. Sawasdimongkol, E. Veerapunth, Thailand. BA11 Speaker: Surapol Sanguankaeo
Bioengineering Experiences implementing Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides (L) Nash) use at different locations in Venezuela. C.J. Gomis S, Venezuela BA12 (esp) Speaker: Carlos J. Gomis
Environmental restoration project in the southern area of the crude improvement plant (Cerro Negro Operador – OCN) at Jose, Anzoátegui state, Venezuela. C. J. Gomis S, Venezuela. BA13 (esp) Speaker: Carlos J. Gomis
Biomechanic control of slopes in abandoned mine sites. Experimentation exercise with Vetiver (project in progress). A.O. Pedroza R., N. A. Jaimes Rodríguez, Colombia. BA14 (esp) Speaker: Álvaro Orlando Pedroza Rojas
Vetiver system for environmental protection of bauxite surface mining at “Los Pijiguaos” – Venezuela. R. Luque, M. Lisena, O. Luque,Venezuela BA15 (esp) (ing) Speaker: Rafael Luque
Treatment system development to remove fluorine in water using Vetiver (Chysopogon zizanioides (L.)) in Guarataro, Yaracuy, Venezuela. C. Ruiz, O. Luque, O. Rodríguez, M Alarcón, Venezuela BA16 (esp) Speaker: Carmen Ruiz
Study of a complementary wastewater treatment system with Vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides L.) of effluent coming from gaseous beverages industry, in Villa de Cura, Aragua. M. Scavo, O. Rodríguez, O. Luque, Venezuela BA17 (esp) (ing) Speaker: Mónica Scavo
Vetiver sown field exploratory study of red mud degradiated area, Bolivar state, Venezuela. M. Lisena, Venezuela BA18 (esp) Speaker: Mario Lisena
Using Vetiver Technology to reduce watershed sedimentation for water quality improvement downstream in Southern Guam M. Golabi, D. Minton, C. Iyekar, Guam, Usa Speaker: Mohammad H Golabi BA28
Water quality improvement in canal like water body by hydroponic vetiver. C. Wantawin BA26 Speaker: Chalermraj Wantawin
Vetiver cultivation establishment in order to soil bioremediation in Lago de Valencia surroundings, Venezuela M. Suárez, Venezuela. BA27 (esp) Speaker: Marleny Suárez.
Vetiver Grass For River Bank ProtectionBA20 D.J. Jaspers-Focks and A. Algera.

Acumulación De Mercurio Por Vetiver En Condiciones De Invernadero En Suelos Contaminados De El Dorado (Estado Bolívar)BA21 (esp) P. Bolívar, F. Contreras, E. Adams, A. García, F. Santos y M. Adams

Potential of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash) for phytoremediation o petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soils in Venezuela BA22 (esp) Regine Brandt , Rainer Schultze-Kraft , Carmen Infante , Gabriele Broll

El Vetiver Y El Modelo De Filtro Biológico Para Productos No Aptos-Pepsi Cola Venezuela. BA23 (esp) O.Luque, S. Ortega, J.Ortega.
Canal And River Bank Stabilisation For Protection Against Flash Flood And Sea Water Intrusion In Central Vietnam  BA24 V. Thuy, I. Sobey and P. Truong
Wastewater Treatment At A Seafood Processing Factory In The Mekong Delta, Vietnam BA25 Luu Thai Danh, L. Phong, L. Dung and P. Truong
General Aspects and Basic Studies of Vetiver grass
Study on efficient regeneration system and agrobacteriummediated transformation of Vetiveria zizanioides. B. Yang, G. Wu, Z. Ma, H. Xia, China. EB01 Speaker: Bingbing Yang. TVN award
Towards bio-efficient and non-invasive Vetiver: lessons from genomic manipulation and chromosomal characterization. U. C. Lavania, S. Basu, S. Lavania. India EB02 Speaker: Umesh C. Lavania
Study on AMF in rhizosphere of Vetiver grass in field nursery. L. Gao, X. Kong, Y. Chen, C. Zhong, Z. Chen, China EB03 Speaker: Lixia Gao
The Vetiver agronomic research progress in Taiwan for the pastdecade. C. Tsai, Y-W. Wang, Taiwan. EB04 Speaker: Yue-Wen Wang
Theorical model to explain the principles related to wastewater treatment by Vetiver, Cervecería Polar.Planta San Joaquín-Venezuela. O. Luque, P. Troung, E. Ceballos, D.Morao, Venezuela. EB05 (esp) Speaker: Oswaldo Luque
Study on mechanisms of Vetiver’s tolerance to submergence. X. Hanping, Y. Xiong, C. Peng, X. Xu, China EB06 Speaker: Hanping Xia
Influence of Vetiver grass hedgerows and other conservation practices in total sediment field and sediment qualitydelivered from slopes with horticultural plots. O. Rodríguez P. Venezuela EB07 (esp) Speaker: Oscar Simón Rodríguez Parisca
Vetiver: A new technology for Chile. P. Molina, Chile EB08 (esp) Speaker: Pablo Molina
Vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides L.) plant density effects on mother plants productivity under field conditions. N. Fernández, M. Morillo, Venezuela EB09 Speaker: Napoleon Fernández
Strategy for promoting the Vetiver System in Chile and Latin-American J. R. Candia, Chile EB10 (esp) Speaker: Rocío Fonseca
Screening of Vetiver new variety, Karnataka and its systematic application on highway. X. Hanping, B. Lin, Z. Ma, China EB11Speaker: Xia Hanping
Vetiver in Thailand: General Aspects and Basic Studies. N. Roongtanakiat, Thailand. EB12 Speaker: Nualchavee Roongtanakiat
Observation on growth performance of four Vetiver varieties grown under natural shade. C. Suwanthada, J. Panekoksoong, Thailand EB13 Speaker: Chuntana Suwanthada
Preliminary studies of Vetiver multiplication from seeds. C. Suwanthada, J. Panekoksoong, Thailand EB14 Speaker: Chuntana Suwanthada
Biomass production of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) using Vermicompost. P. Lakshmanaperumalsamy, S. Jayashree, J. Rathinamala, India EB15 Speaker: P Lakshmanaperumalsamy
Evaluation on the effects of five substrates on growth variables of Vetiver leaves and roots. A. Campo, Venezuela EB16 (esp) Speaker: Arístides Campo
Experience on Vetiver survival during flood conditions at Carmen Teresa Farm, Venezuela. O. Luque, R. Luque, E. Ceballos, G. Rivero, Venezuela EB17 (esp) Speaker: Oswaldo Luque
The Leaf anatomy of a miracle C4 grass: Vetiveria zizanioides L. Nash. M.S. Chaudhry, G. Sarwar, Pakistan EB18 Speaker: Muhammad S. Chaudhry
Low Cost Micropropagation Of Vetiver Grass EB19 L. Be, V. Tan, N. Uyen and L. Dung
Estudio Comparativo Del Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanioides) Y De Otras Plantas Usadas Como Barreras Vivas En La  Conservacion De Un Suelo En Ladera. O. Andrade. Universidad Georg-August de Göttingen; Alemania. EB20 (esp)
Informe Preliminar Sobre La Introducción De 10 Ecotipos De Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanioides  Y Vetiveria Nemoralis ) Introducidos A Venezuela. EB22 (esp) J. Páez de Cásares.
Efecto De Dos Reguladores De Crecimiento Sobre El Desarrollo De Esquejes De Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizaniodes L. Nash ). EB 23 (esp) Hernando Quecan B. 
Estudio del comportamiento del vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides, (L) Nash) en diferentes condiciones agroclimaticas y de manejo EB24 (esp) Ing. Agr. Carlos J Gomis S
An study of vetiver (Vetiveria zizaanioides, (L) Nash) behaviour under different agroclimatic and management conditions EB24 (esp) Ing. Agr. Carlos J Gomis S
Anatomía de la raíz en Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty  (Panicoideae-Poaceae), creciendo en diferentes condiciones de aireación. EB25 (esp) Mercedes Castro & MarleneLapp
Micorrizas arbusculares y Vetiver en la recuperación de suelos marginales EB26 (esp) J. Rosas y M. Toro.
Propagación -In Vitro Del Pasto Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanioides L. Nash) Utilizando Diferentes Explantes Y Medios De Cultivos. EB27 (esp) A. Gámez * Y Páez De Cásares**