The Vetiver Network International

Overview and Shortcuts

The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) promotes the worldwide use of the Vetiver System (VS) for a sustainable environment particularly in relation to land and water. The Network is a global network of individuals, groups, communities, entrepreneurs, and social organizations working together. The “networking” part is all voluntary – no managers and no remuneration! TVNI is an effective non-profit environmental organizations and has impacted tens of thousands of people at  all levels of society. The VS provides significant economic, environmental and social benefits. VS is now used in most tropical and semi-tropical countries, north to Italy and south to Chile.  Based on research and demonstrations through TVNI “partners,” including research institutions, development agencies, NGO’s and the private sector, VS has expanded from a technology primarily for farm soil and water conservation to include important applications for: infrastructure stabilization and protection; the treatment of contaminated land and water; and other socio-economic uses including as a material resource for handicrafts. At a time of climate change challenge vetiver grass has an important role to play in regenerative agriculture and soil carbon creation.

TVNI history, achievements and time line presentation

Up-Scaling Vetiver Grass Technology Using the Internet (TVNI-NL-2024-02)

Up-Scaling Vetiver Grass Technology – Using the Internet One important reason, amongst others, why Vetiver Grass Technology (VGT) is not used more widely is that not enough people know about the plant and its many applications. We have to do...

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Root Geotropism – A Reason why Vetiver Grass can stabilize steep slopes

Paul Truong, Technical Director of TVNI, brings an amazing photo gallery of VS demonstrating extreme slope stabilization from Africa, Asia and and South America. The presentation “Geotropism of Vetiver” is compelling and is the work of Dr. P.K.Yoon of Malaysia...

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Vetiver and Permaculture (TVNI-NL-2024-01)

This month’s newsletter gives some focus to vetiver, and its role as a potentially important component in permaculture practices, regenerative agriculture and the restoration of degraded lands, particularly in tropical and semiarid areas of the world. Those who know intimately...

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A Tool for Individuals and Commmunities

Vetiver grass provides a low cost means  to adapt to the challenge of climate change – an overview