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Vetiver conferences and workshops are held from time to time. These supply valuable research and development information, program results, discussion and more. These events provide important sources of information. As such the proceedings are listed in detail with links to individual papers and presentations.

6th International Conference on Vetiver – Da Nang, Vietnam. May 6 to 9 2015

The Conference, organized by The Vietnam Vetiver Network was successful, interesting, and attended by participants from 23 countries. Special thanks to Van Man and Van Tran of the Vietnam Vetiver Network and their helpers for making the conference successful and friendly. 56 papers were presented and on the whole the quality was excellent. The complete Conference proceedings comprising text and PowerPoint presentations are available online.

ICV6 Complete Conference Procedures – Papers and Presentations
Summary and Highlights of ICV6 Papers by Paul Truong – this link

KING OF THAILAND VETIVER AWARDS ANNOUNCED The winners of the six awards are Mohammad Shariful Islam (Bangladesh), Liyu Xu and Biao Huang (China), Alain Ndona (Congo DR), and Malee NanakornTanapon Phenrat, and Songkiert Tansamrit (Thailand). Each receive US$2500. Also nine Certificates of Excellence have been awarded. The awards and certificates were presented to the recipients by TVNI’s Patron, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand at ICV6 at Da Nang, Vietnam. Details of the awards can be found at this link.                                                                                          

TVNI AWARDS – Announced at ICV6 May 6 2015

Paul Truong of Australia receives (left) Global Vetiver Champion Award from TVNI Patron, Her Royal Highness Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for 25 years service to the Development of the Vetiver Grass Technology with special reference to his work on the development of Vetiver Grass Technology for the decontamination of land and water; and for his mentoring and support to many young post graduate students working on vetiver as part of their thesis.
Alain Ndona of the Democratic Republic of the Congo awarded Vetiver Champion Award for the introduction and dissemination of the Vetiver Grass Technology in Congo Kinshasha and Congo Brazzaville with specific reference to slope stabilization.
Alois Kennerknecht of Peru awarded the Nick Dolphin Award (US$ 750) for the communal application of the Vetiver System in urban areas of Lima, Peru.
Luu Thai Danh of Vietnam awarded the Mark Dafforn Award (US$ 1,500) for his comprehensive review and compilation of Vetiver Grass Technology application for phytoremediation.
Kittima Sivaarthitkul of Thailand and her colleagues of the Land Development Department awarded the Monty Yudelman Award (US$ 2,500) for developing Vetiver Grass Tracking System for Thailand.
Other TVNI awards can be found at this page.

Suwanna Pasiri, Deputy Secretary General of Royal Development Projects Board, of Thailand receives a special TVNI Award from Paul Truong and Roley Noffke for 20 years of dedicated service in the support of the global Vetiver community. Suwanna has worked tirelessly providing reliable and generous back up support for Vetiver conferences, supply of Thai vetiver specialists, publications, and the Vetiver handicraft program. Thank you Suwanna – may you forever be a Vetivarian!!

May, 2019 Vetiver For the Prevention of Hydrogeological Instability and Environmental Disasters

April, 2016 Vetiver Workshop at the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU) in Coimbatore

May, 2015 ICV6 – Sixth International Vetiver Conference – Empowering Sustainable Development

March, 2014 The First Philippines Conference on Vetiver

October, 2013 LAICVS2 – Second Latin America International System Conference on Vetiver

January, 2012 DaNang Vetiver Conference — Focus – Civil and environmental engineering

October, 2011 ICV5 – Fifth International Vetiver Conference – Vetiver and Climate Change, Lucknow, India. October 2011.

October, 2010 LAICVS 1 – First Latin America International Conference on the Vetiver System

March,2009 Kenya Vetiver System Workshop

March, 2009 Ethiopian National Vetiver System Workshop

February, 2008 A Miracle Grass. First National Workshop

November,2007 Morocco Workshop on Waste Management

March, 2006 Kuwait National Workshop. Applications of the Vetiver System in Arabian Gulf Region

October, 2006 ICV4 – Fourth International Vetiver Conference Vetiver and People

October, 2003 ICV3 – Third International Vetiver Conference

January, 2000 ICV2 – Second International Vetiver Conference

May, 1999 Bioengineering Workshop for Post-Hurricane Mitch Construction

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El Salvador
October, 1997 International Vetiver Conference

February, 1996 ICV1 – First International Vetiver Conference – A Miracle Grass