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Industrial Effluent

Vetiver System for Mitigating Industrial Effluent

Photo essay on the treatment industrial effluent using Vetiver System

Analysis of sewage effluent pond water before and after treatment using vetiver pontoons.

In the above example Paul Truong shows how vetiver can be used for industrial or agricultural wastewater treatment using floating pontoons and by planting on the banks of the lagoons. There is great potential to apply the Vetiver System for wastewater treatment, not only on at industrial scale, but also for smaller applications for single households, small hospitals, hotels, schools, refugee camps, etc. using the alternative “wetland” vetiver application.

Photo 1 An example of a large VS clean up on a rendering plant lagoon (Australia).
Photo 2 The effluent produced by a rendering plant had a very high nutrient and salt content and is stored in two storage ponds. The effluent was used to irrigate vetiver planting on the banks of the ponds and was treated in situ with vetiver floats on the ponds
Photo 3 Vetiver constructed wetlands can also be used, as in this case from Trinidad,
to treat rainfall runoff from a large shopping mall and its parking area (Jonathan Barcant)
Photo 4 Vetiver pontoon cleaning water surrounding a floating restaurant in Kolkata, India (Pradeep Kumar)