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River Banks

Vetiver System for Riverbank Stabilization (and Levees/Dykes)

Introductory Photo Essay: VS_River_bank.pdf (

Photo 1 and 1a Riverbank stabilization using vetiver Above: Vietnam. Below: West Bengal, India

Photos 2-5 Brackish water estuarine vetiver planting in China in 2006, Center and right the same 14 years later, note mangroves were planted adjacent to the vetiver (Feng Ziyuan)
Photo 6 In Fiji, with support from UNDP and TVNI, a riverbank project has been iniated by the Government. in 2020. Robinson Vanoh ran a training course for the Fijians and the program is now underway with quality work being undertaken. Robinson will monitor progress and ensure quality work.

Photos 7 & 8 Vetiver used for riverbank stabilization in Colombia – a good quality application, and note it also stabilizes the adjacent road

Photos 9 &10 Left: riverbank stabilization in Vietnam and right: Bangladeshi farmer has planted vetiver along the field boundary adjacent to the river in order to protect the land during the flood season.

Implementing Vetiver grass‑based riverbank protection programs in rural West Bengal, India

Mekong Riverbank stabilization in Cambodia:  Mekong River bank stabilization using Vetiver System

Vetiver System for Stream Bank Stabilization (With special references to the river and canal bank stabilization in Australia and Vietnam): Microsoft Word – Truong2 (