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Vetiver System for Landscaping and Horticulture (gardening)

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The Vetiver System is useful for landscaping/garden applications in many different areas, including: infrastructure, building sites, and gardens. In addition it is an attractive ornamental plant that can be grown in the ground or in pots. It makes an efficient “Rain Garden”. The grass can be used to delineate borders of paths and roads, beautify the edges of water bodies such as lakes and streams, as traffic dividers (reduction of head light glare), as a warning barrier on the edge of dangerous locations (cliffs) and many other applications. As a landscaping plant it also provides the many other benefits including slope stabilization, erosion control, decontaminate of toxic materials and water, improved habitat, pest control, and other associated benefits. When trimmed the leaves can be used for forage, mulch, thatch, compost, fuel and handicrafts.

Photo 1 – highway divider beautification vetiver mixed with other plants
Photo 2 California cliff top precautionary barrier alongside walking trail (Doug Richardson)

Photo 3-6 The following photos from Costa Rica (Yorleny Cruz), and Hawaii (Jason Fox), show dual vetiver applications for landscaping and stabilization purpose
Photo 7 Landscape vetiver applications in Australia
Photo 8 – Vetiver used here for soil and water conservation and mulch by a small farm/gardener in the Solomon Islands. Similarly in Vietnam, Kenya, and Australia.