TVNI and Community Announcements

This page is dedicated for various TVNI and Community Announcements.  These include announcements submitted by the vetiver community like training workshops, conferences and webinars. To do this you should send the announcement to the Webmaster at [email protected]

November 19 2022 … Website Registration .. because of continuing registration by spammers, future registrations require the following: (a) inclusion of full and correct name and (b) completion of registration by setting up a new password on receipt of email from webmaster responding to registration. If either of these two requirements are absent your registration will be automatically be deleted. Registration via Facebook has been suspended.

November 19 2022  …. Short Video Competition – #4 videos submitted  – winners to be announced early January 2023

June 10, 2022. …  Automatic notifications of new website posts and page updates.
An advantage of being registered on this website is that you will automatically receive an email notification of new posts and page updates providing the title, links to the posts, and information on authorship. To register hit the “sign in” button located in the header of the page.