The Vetiver Network International

Rural/Farm Roads

Introductory photo essay VS_Rural_roads.pdf (

Photo 1 Rural road in Madagascar. Note on left side of the road planted to vetiver the road is showing no sign of erosion compared to the eroding righthand side with no vetiver

Rural roads are critical to development in rural areas. Without them children cannot go to school, farm produce is difficult to market, and communities become isolated and lack essential services. Rural roads are general low on the maintenance chain, often deteriorating rapidly after construction.  Vetiver Grass Technology can do much in the reduction in rural/farm road deterioration and the cost of road maintenance.  Vetiver planted along the shoulders of roads reduces  shoulder erosion and cut back into the main pavement area. In dangerous locations it acts as a demarcation barrier.

Photo 2 Rural road in Papua New Guinea in very good condition due to vetiver on each side of the road

Culverts and simple bridges associated with these low -cost roads can be vetiver protected from washouts. Road cut-off drains (miter drains) can be integrated safely with on farm vetiver hedgerows, not only allowing road drainage water to be distributed safely onto farm land, but also reducing the chance of all too frequent roadside gully formation.