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Railroad stabilization

Introductory photo essay VS_railroad.pdf (

Photo 1. China Railways used vetiver to stabilize this sand-filled embankment with success, still doing its job 20 years later

VGT has been used in a number of countries for railway embankment and cut stabilization and protection. In every case it has proven successful because railway engineers ensure quality application and adhere to standards. It has been used successfully for railways in China, Madagascar, South Africa, India and Australia. One big advantage of vetiver when used on railroads is its ability to quickly recover after fires, thus assuring the integrity of the structure.

CHINA – Railway Embankment Stabilization using Vetiver System. Liyu Xu, who started the China Vetiver Network in 1996, has produced a short description and images 14 years after the Xinchang railway Company planted 120,000 vetiver slips to stabilize a very difficult railway embankment using a sand fill. The vetiver was effective within 2 months of planting. The vetiver is still there and native plants have naturally colonized the embankment. Very poor farmers from the Dabie Mountains provided the original planting material, and since then farmers have cut the grass on the embankment for other uses, and have as a result provided the required “maintenance”. China Railways has accepted the technology and promotes its use where appropriate. Everyone has benefited. What more does one need?!! See more on China Railways.

Vetiver Victorious: The Systematic Use of Vetiver to Save Madagascar’s FCE Railway Power Point Presentation  An interesting story of the multiple use of VGT for slope stabilization, erosion control, landslide prevention and agriculture, all within the right of way of the FTC railway.