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Landslide Rehab & Prevention

Vetiver System for Landslide Prevention and treatment

Vetiver Grass Technology has been mainly used for the repair of landslide sites, rather than in the prevention under natural conditions.  For the repair it has worked well in a number of countries including Brazil and Venezuela. It has proven effective on road construction sites in many countries where it has prevented many slips on shallow cut and fill slopes. Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Highway is one such example where prior to application on the highway there were serious slips

Photo 1 Before and after images of a major and catastrophic landslide in Brazil. Slope Stabilization in Itaipava‐Petropolis (Brazil)  The vetiver solution was a total success after a landslide in 2008. This article is particularly relevant now that the catastrophic landslides are more frequent and damaging.  PowerPoint Presentation    and  Paper

Photos 2 and 3 Before and after (5 years) images of a serious land slide from Panama’s Landis Reserve (Marietta Landis) Landslide Rehabilitation in Panama. Full Presentation

General info on slope stabilization see Vetiver System for Slope Stabilization

Vetiver Grass Applications for stabilizing steep slope building sites

Vetiver grass system for landslide rehabilitation with geofabrics

Vetiver grass system for landslide rehabilitation with hard structure

Questions and Answers from a landscaper protecting a steep slope in California (video)

LAND SLIDES & PROTECTION This short series of images from Van Tran Tan of Vietnam gives shows how Vetiver System stabilized land slide prone slopes on the Ho Chi Minh Highway.

The Vetiver System can provide a low-cost solution for shallow landslide mitigation.