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The Vetiver Network International

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The Latin American Vetiver Network 1st Latin American Workshop on Vetiver Handicrafts Coordinator: Oswaldo Luque Master Handicraft Instructor: Marbella Rivas H. First Session: Friday, 17 March 2023 at 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (GMT -4) Activity: Begin Chicken Egg Basket...

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The Winners of the King of Thailand Vetiver Awards 2023 (ICV-7) and Certificates of Excellence

THE KING OF THAILAND  VETIVER AWARDS – THE SIX WINNERS (abstracts of all submitted papers at this link) OUTSTANDING RESEARCH Agricultural Application Title:  Application of Vetiver Grass Vetiveria zizanioides as a Trap Plant for Controlling Rice Stem Borer Chilo suppressalis...

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NEWS UPDATE ICV7.  It looks as though everything is on track. Nongpun Kolosolak and her team at the Office of Royal Development Projects Board are working hard at organizing the conference that will be held in-person and online. The Registration...

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The International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) hosted a workshop on “Persistent Organic Pollutants and Dioxin Contamination: Environmental Issues and Mitigation Technologies” from February 10-12, 2023. This event provided a platform for experts in environmental science and biotechnology...

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Recent studies on Vetiver supported by Hydromulch (Pty) Ltd, South Africa.

Hydromulch International operates out of South Africa and has been proactive in vetiver marketing, propagation and environmental contracting for some five decades working extensively in West, Central & Southern Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, Jamaica, and recently the USA. Since...

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The Vetiver Knowledge Gap Most of those who read this newsletter fit cozily within the family of vetiver users around the world who when sharing information are most often “preaching to the choir” – not that we mind!  We have...

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Featured posts of special interest

The Vetiver System: A toolkit for community-led, climate change adaptation

This new book by Dr. Paul Truong provides a wealth of information on the function and unique role of the roots of vetiver grass that allow for a wide range of environmental mitigation. A review quote ….. Excellent read and photos. Packed with information from ‘new user’ to ‘scientific’. ….


The third announcement (updated)  has been made on the ICV7  website  for this conference, to be held in Chiang Mai Thailand from May 29 to June 1 2023, organized  by the Chaipattana Foundation & the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board (ORDPB).


The King of Thailand Vetiver Awards – abstracts of all submitted papers at this link

Vetiver Grass – A Hedge Against Erosion – a farmer’s handbook  about vetiver grass farm applications authored by John C. Greenfield, and first published 35 years ago is now available as a free down load in BENGALI, SWAHILI , INDONESIAN  ,CHICHEWA (Malawi) and VIETNAMESE.  Reads well on a smart phone. Go to Manuals/Guides for versions in other languages

2023 THE VETIVER NETWORK INTERNATIONAL NETWORK AWARDSThree sets of Awards will be given with total value of US $3,750. For details of Awards, eligibility, and process got to this link

The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) promotes the worldwide use of the Vetiver System (VS) for a sustainable environment particularly in relation to land and water. The Network is a global network of individuals, groups, communities, entrepreneurs, and social organizations working together. The “networking” part is all voluntary – no managers and no remuneration! TVNI is an effective non-profit environmental organizations and has impacted tens of thousands of people at  all levels of society. The VS provides significant economic, environmental and social benefits. VS is now used in most tropical and semi-tropical countries, north to Italy and south to Chile.  Based on research and demonstrations through TVNI “partners,” including research institutions, development agencies, NGO’s and the private sector, VS has expanded from a technology primarily for farm soil and water conservation to include important applications for: infrastructure stabilization and protection; the treatment of contaminated land and water; and other socio-economic uses including as a material resource for handicrafts.

TVNI history, achievements and time line presentation

Vetiver System for Sustainable Regeneration
Video by Marietta Landis – Panama

Vetiver on Contour Lines in the Farm and in the Landscape
Overall winner of the Vetiver Short Video Competition
Piet Sabbe – Ecuador (English version)
Spanish version

Vetiver Grass – Community Use in Urban Areas
Video by Alois and Maria Kennerknech of Peru