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Mine Stabilization

The Vetiver System for Contaminated Land

Apart from the mining sector, there are many occasions were VGT could be used to clean up contaminated land resulting from industrial spillage, storage, and more.

Photo 1 An industrial waste dump highly contaminated with NH3 up to 1,220mg/kg and total Soil N level up to 5,380mg/kg was successfully rehabilitated with Vetiver in Central Queensland, Australia
Photo 2 The same site 2 years after vetiver application (Paul Truong)

In many countries that burn coal for power generation the residual “fly ash” storage heaps are both a serious health hazard and are highly erodible. In India, Vetiver has been successfully used to mitigate the problem.

Photo 3 India – Fly ash dump before stabilization – serious health hazard
Photo 4 Coco matting and vetiver applied to the fly ash dump
Photo 5 Completed project (Pradeep Kumar)

In Vietnam, the remnants of the Vietnam War’s “Agent Orange” – dioxin remains a serious health hazard in contaminated soils. Vetiver has been found to grow in such soils and is able to remove the dioxin, learn more   Nghiên cứu triển khai công nghệ khai thác, sử dụng bền vững tài nguyên nước ở các vùng núi đá vôi Việt Nam, áp dụng thử nghiệm ở một số khu vực thuộc Công viên Địa chất Toàn cầu Cao nguyên đá Đồng Văn, tỉnh Hà Giang. (