The Vetiver Network International

Vetiver Locations

We are encouraging the Vetiver Community to add the locations of their vetiver plantings to TVNI’s special project that is established on iNaturalist.

iNaturalist (A Community for Naturalists · iNaturalist) is a global community of naturalists that contribute to biodiversity science by sharing data. The iNaturalist website allows communities like ours to establish unique projects on the site. Eric Wiediger, one of active vetiver community members established a “Vetiver Systems” project at: Vetiver Systems · iNaturalist  This project shows the location of vetiver plantings globally as well as some other information about the site and the plant.

Go to to see what locations have already been entered. Take a look at the “Journal” to see the details. Please try and find some time to add even one or two entries as this all helps others to know where vetiver is being grown and used. It is easy to join iNaturalist and there is no cost involved.

At this time (December 1 2022) we have 630 observations.