The Vetiver Network International


The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) promotes the worldwide use of the Vetiver System (VS) as a climate smart solution in relation to land and water at this time of extreme environmental challenge. The Network is a true network of individuals, groups, communities, entrepreneurs, and social organizations working together. The “networking” part is all voluntary – no managers and no remuneration! We believe it is one of the most effective non-profit environmental organizations in the world and is impacting greatly on all levels of society. The VS provides significant economic, environmental and social benefits.

VS is now used in most tropical and semi-tropical countries, north to Italy and south to Chile. As a result of research and demonstrations by TVNI “partners,” (research institutions, development agencies, NGO’s and the private sector), VS has expanded from a technology primarily for farm soil and water conservation to include major bioengineering and phytoremedial applications.

We welcome all, however big or small or where you may live and work, who are interested in Vetiver Grass Technology to our community. We invite you to participate and share your experiences, views, opinions and ideas.