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TVNI Newsletters 1990 – 2002. (Single file 830 page searchable document)

Vetiver Grass Technology in Fiji from 1956-1986. John Greenfield Revisits – Video

(with English subtitles)

(with Swahili subtitles)

Successful application of Vetiver in the reduction of pesticide concentrations in agricultural waters in Mérida Venezuela

Aplicación exitosa de Vetiver en la disminución de concentraciones de plaguicidas en aguas agrícolas en Mérida Venezuela

document (English) (Spanish) Jorge L. Uzcátegui Nava and Luz Mendoza

Contour farming and soil and water conservation — A modified sight leveling device and how to survey contour vetiver hedgerows

A guide by Dick Grimshaw

How to create a contour line overlay layer for Google Earth Pro.

A guide by Dick Grimshaw

How to use Google Earth Pro to support the planning and monitoring of farm, watershed, and landscape improvements in relation to vetiver grass technology.

A guide by Dick Grimshaw


Papers, PowerPoints and videos (on Google Drive)

China Vetiver Network Newsletter 2023 #8

This newsletter lists all Vetiver related research in China between 2018 and 2022

1000 new vetiver related documents

Dr Paul Truong has gathered and sorting 1000 newly published papers related to Vetiver grass application. These materials are from recent technical conferences or published in high-ranking journals. They can be accessed and downloaded via this link.

Training Manual – The Vetiver System The Vetiver System Training Manual for Fiji (2020) created by Robinson Vanoh (UNDP GEF funded) For The Vetiver Network International in cooperation with The Ministry of Waterways and Environment, Fiji

Scaling up Ecosystem-based Adaption in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Mid Cycle Project Activity Report.  by  Paul Oana (PE) and  Robinson Vanoh (TVNI)

Vetiver Roots – The Hidden Half

Book (text and images) by Dr. Paul Truong (Technical Director TVNI)
Implementation Report on Fly Ash Dump Site Slope Stabilization & Green Capping by Implementation of Bioengineering Component Photo Essay by Pradeep Kumar. Project by
Environment Dept. ISPAT Bhavan, Bokaro steel City
Bokaro – 827001, Jharkhand
Explosive Manufacturing Solid Waste dumpsites and Leachate Pond Slope Stabilization & in-situ leachate Treatment by Vetiver plantation & Bio-engineering Photo essay by Pradeep Kumar of bioremediation project for INDIAN EXPLOSIVES Pvt.Ltd. – ORICA
Gomia, Jharkhand, India
Treatment of wastewater from slaughterhouse by biodigester and Vetiveria zizanioides L Paper by Luu Huu Manh, Nguyen Nhut Xuan Dung, Le Van Am and Bui Thi Le Minh (College of Agriculture and Applied Biology, Cantho University, Vietnam)
High Strength Wastewater Reclamation Capacity of Vetiver Grass in Tropics: The Case of Ethiopia Paper by Mekonnen Birhanie Aregu, Negasa Eshete Soboksa, and Girum Gebremeskel Kanno
Phytoremedial treatment of coffee pulp processing using Vetiver Grass Correspondence relating to coffee processing in Costa Rica and Colombia circa 2012. Some useful information and exchange.
Vetiver Grass: A ‘Climate Smart’ Versatile, and Low-cost Technology to Help Address global Soil and Water Issues Article by Jeremy Berkoff, Richard Grimshaw, Paul Truong
Comparison of Cold Tolerance of Young Vetiver Grass Cultivars Over Multiple Winters Field observations in the USA by Eric Wiediger – Leachate Management Specialists
 A Pot Trial Comparison of Vetiver and Three Other Warm-Season Grasses Irrigated with Highly Saline, Alkaline Landfill Leachate Trial in the USA by Eric Wiediger – Leachate Management Specialists
VETIVER SYSTEM AND ITS RESEARCH AND APPICATIONS IN CHINA This this book by the China Vetiver Network, edited by Liyu Xu, was published in 2003, has been issued as a second edition and contains useful data and information of vetiver research and applications at that time.
Vetiver Wastewater Treatment / Disposal, & Carbon Sequestration Chemical Engineering Research Poster Award Winning Research (Australian Water Association)
School of Engineering, Edith Cowan University, 270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup, Perth, WA 6027, Australia
Runoff capture through vegetative barriers and planting methodologies to reduce erosion, and improve soil moisture,
fertility and crop productivity in southern Orissa, India
article (2010) by Anchal Dass • Susama Sudhishri • N. K. Lenka • U. S. Patnaik
Technical Note: Vetiver Can Grow on Coal Fly Ash Without DNA Damage Rajarshi Chakraborty a & Anita Mukherjee a
a Centre of Advanced Study in Cell and Chromosome Research, Department of Botany , University of Calcutta , Kolkata, India Published online: 13 Aug 2010.
Design Principles and Engineering Samples of Applying Vetiver Eco-engineering Technology for Steep Slope and River Bank
Paper by Chengchun K1, Ziyuan Feng, Xijing Wu, and Figen Tu
(1. Guangzhou Vetiver Eco- Science and Technique Co. ltd.; 2. South China Botanical
Farmers’ awareness of the potential of vetiver grass for soil erosion control in Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone farm lands, south‑western Nigeria Paper By E. A. Ewetola1*, G. E. Fanifosi2 , A. A. Ezekiel2, A. A. Adetona1, F. M. Oyewole1, N. M. Onatoye1, I. T. Idowu1
and A. K. Akinniku1
Earliest known botanical drawing of vetiver Drawing and connected data