The Vetiver Network International

Plenary papers

IVC2 Plenary papers — Thailand — JANUARY 2000 — (PDF FILES)

PRVN_IVC2_03.PDF Introduction by Dick Grimshaw

PRVN_IVC2_04.PDF Keynote Speech by Sumet Tantivejkul

PRVN_IVC2_05.PDF Opening Speech:Vetiver Grass Technology Networking And Its Impact On The Environment by Dick Grimshaw

PRVN_IVC2_06.PDF Plenary Paper: DNA Analysis of Genetic Diversity of vetiver and future selections for use in erosion control and PowerPoint presentation byBob Adams

PRVN_IVC2_08.PDF Plenary Paper: The Global Impact of Vetiver Grass Technology on the Environment and PowerPoint presentation by Paul Truong

PRVN_IVC2_10.PDF Plenary Paper: Research on Methodologies for Selection, Propagation and Cultivation Techniques of Vetiver Grass and its Application in Thailand.

PRVN_IVC2_12.PDF Closing Speech and PowerPoint presentation by Dick Grimshaw

PRVN_IVC2_14.PDF Executive Summary by the Evaluation and Data Division, Office of the Royal Development Projects Board, Bangkok, Thailand.

PRVN_IVC2_15.PDF Conference Summary by Criss Juliard

Environmental Protection

PRVN_IVC2_17.PDF Plenary Paper: Use of vetiver and other three grasses for revegetation of a Pb/Zn mine tailings at Lechang, Guangdong: A field experiment and Powerpoint presentation by Shu Wen et al Paper: Application of Vetiver Grass Technology in Off-Site Pollution Control.

PRVN_IVC2_19.PDF I. Trapping Agrochemicals and Nutrients in Agricultural Lands and PowerPoint presentation by Paul Truong et al

PRVN_IVC2_21.PDF II. Tolerance to herbicides under selected wetland conditions and PowerPoint presentation by Rachael Cull et al.

PRVN_IVC2_23.PDF Paper: Study on Purification and Uptake of Vetiver Grass to Garbage Leachate and PowerPoint presentation by Xia Hanping

PRVN_IVC2_ 25.PDF Paper: Soil and Water Quality Management through Vetiver Grass Technology (VGT) and PowerPoint presentation by Oscar Rodriguez

PRVN_IVC2_27.PDF The Effectiveness of Vetiver Grass in Erosion & Sediment Control at a Bentonite Mine in Queensland, Australia and PowerPoint — presentation by Owen Bevan and Paul Truong

Disaster Prevention

PRVN_IVC2_29.PDF Paper: Vetiver and Natural Disaster: Doi Tung Experience and PowerPoint presentation by Uthai Haranasri

PRVN_IVC2_31.PDF Paper: Disaster Mitigation and Vulnerability Reduction Perspectives on the Prospects for VGT and PowerPoint presentation by Jim Smyle

PRVN_IVC2_33.PDF Paper: Report on Bioengineering Workshop for Post-Hurricane Mitch Construction – Experiences with the Use of Vetiver for the Protection and Stabilization of Infrastructure and PowerPoint presentation by Joan Miller.

Infrastructure Protection

PRVN_IVC2_35.PDF Plenary Paper: VGT: A Bioengineering and Phytoremediation Option for the New Millennium and PowerPoint presentation by Diti Hengchaovanich .

PRVN_IVC2_37.PDF Plenary Paper: The Use Of Vetiver Grass System for Erosion Control and Slope Stabilization along the Yadana Gas Pipeline Right of Wayand Powerpoint Presentation by The Petroleum Authority of Thailand.

PRVN_IVC2_39.PDF Paper: Application Of Vetiver Grass Technology In The Stabilisation Of Road Infrastructure In The Wet Tropical Region Of Australia and Powerpoint Presentation by Nevil Bracken And Paul Truong.

PRVN_IVC2_41.PDF Paper: The Role of Vetiver Grass in Erosion Control and Slope Stabilization along the Highways of Thailand and PowerPoint presentation by Surapol Sanguankaeo et al.

Vetiver Grass Promotion and Technology Dissemination

PRVN_IVC2_ 43.PDF Plenary Paper: Promoting Vetiver Grass Technology in Venezuela and PowerPoint presentation by Oscar Rodriguez.

PRVN_IVC2_45.PDF Paper: Promotion of Vetiver Grass Technology in The Philippines: The Vetfarms Inc. Experience and PowerPoint presentation by Noah Manarang.

PRVN_IVC2_47.PDF Paper: S and PowerPoint presentation by Alemu Mekonnen .