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Critical Info and Data are in these Newsletters!

Vetiver Network News Letters from 1990-2002

This compilation of newsletters created from the originals, the latter were authored by Jim Smyle, Joan Miller, and Dick Grimshaw, record the research and development of the Vetiver Grass Technology following its introduction by John Greenfield to Indian watershed programs starting around 1986. They contain invaluable and critical information and research data from work on all the major continents, except for Antarctica! The information is just as relevant today as it was 25-35 years ago, and some of it can be used to support the necessary data for future vetiver related planning, as well as providing some very useful information to vetiver users. For the latter there are a number of articles relating to propagation, spacing, tillering, nutrient requirements, and management of nurseries and application sites.

The newsletters are in a single 830 page pdf file (50MB) that can be down loaded from TVNI’s Google Drive account at no cost. Use this link. In using the file and its contents you should note that it has a large table of contents linking the more important contents to individual pages. You can also use your browser or pdf reader search boxes to find information using key words. Although large it downloads and reads well on mobile phones — search and contents links work satisfactorily.

We hope that you will find these combined newsletters helpful in your vetiver work and in its promotion. I do recommend that you spend some time discovering what it contains, so that you can zero in on specific information more easily. Lastly before embarking on new research, particularly in soil and water conservation, use this file to check to see if it hasn’t been done before!

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