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The Vetiver Network International manages two photo galleries that contain many hundreds of images. The images are grouped as part of individual Vetiver System applications.

Gallery 1contains general images of interesting vetiver topics.

Gallery 2 is a series of mini-power points in pdf format. The latter are useful when there is a need to focus on the basic elements of a specific application, of which there are more than 20.

YouTube Vetiver Movies - There are literally hundreds of vetiver movies on YouTube. Here are links to some of the more popular groups:

Vetiver System
Vetiver Grass
Vetiver Grass by Julio Estrada (many in Spanish)
TVNI (Jim Smyle 1999) in Spanish.
Vetiver Para La Bioingenieria - #1 El Problema (1999)
Vetiver Para La Bioingenieria - #2 Planta (1999)
Vetiver Para La Bioingenieria - #3 Historia (1999)
Vetiver Para La Bioingenieria - #4 Bioingenieria (1999)
Vetiver Para La Bioingenieria - #5 Taller de Reconstruccion Post-Mitch (1999)

At many of the International Vetiver Conferences that are held every four or five years or at regional workshops there are some excellent Vetiver System presentations. Power points, that back these presentations, in pdf format are available and can be downloaded