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The Vetiver System has been described as "the glue that holds a community together". In some cases, such as the East Bali Poverty Project or a social program in Oaxaca, Mexico, it certainly is, and in the future many communities, particularly in rural areas may find the Vetiver System to be such a "glue". VS will provide a poor community a survival pack to ensure the long term protection of its assets. VS will: protect against soil erosion, rehabilitate wasted land, increase crop yields, improve ground water supplies and the quality of water, protect basic infrastructure from damage due to flooding and slippage, clean up polluted sites (trash dumps), treat domestic and animal sewage, provide forage, thatch, mulch, protection against insects, rudimentary medicines, materials for handicrafts and many other benefits. Most of the known applications of the Vetiver System could be applied by communities using community labor. Often community members can apply vetiver for a primary purpose and get many secondary benefits as a consequence.

Vetiver and it's system for
community development in

This presentation by Habtamu Webshet, a long time promoter of VS at large scale was one of the best of those presented at the recent Vetiver Workshop in Addis Ababa. It has a lot to offer to other African countries that have to mitigate climate change impacts.

A community works together to create a vetiver supported vegetable garden.

East Bali Poverty Project, Indonesia. NGO managed program for 10,000 people. Children were key in learning about VS. Here is a new vegetable garden created through the Vetiver System.

People of Thailand learn how to make vetiver handicrafts.

Thailand. Many communities are using vetiver grass leaves as an excellent source of handicraft material. The Thais will train anyone in vetiver handicraft making if the trainee can get to Thailand. Contact the Royal Development Projects Board


China - Poverty Reduction and Resource Protection in a Guangxi Province Minority Area. This is a community development project in south China, and is as initiative of the China Vetiver Network, funded partly by the EU. The project includes soil and water conservation measures using the Vetiver System, fruit tree planting, water supplies, and vetiver handicraft production. The report (including photographs) summarises recent achievements and a demand for upscaling by other counties and townships in Guangxi Province. 

Indonesia Country Experience with Vetiver System

A nice presentation from David Booth relating to the use of VS by the East Bali Poverty Project and by the Indonesia Vetiver Network