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We are pleased to announce the results of the competition. Some excellent and interesting videos.
Listed by category (1= First, 2= Second), and with links to the respective video. (#=Video ID)
Community (total entries – 7)
Alois Kennerknecht/ ALKE, Peru. Vetiver Grass: Community Use in Urban Areas (#1)
Jonathan Barcant, Trinidad and Tobago. Grassroots 4LaVie Tobago (#7)
Disaster Mitigation (total entries – 3)
Bunsita Sansila, Thailand. Vetiver Grass: A Climate Smart Plant .(#8)
Soil and water conservation (total entries – 7)
Suwimon Puttajunyawong, Thailand. Vetiver Grass: Environment Conservation. (#17)
Amnat Charoen Land Development Station, Thailand. Vetiver: The Living Wall for Conservation of Soil and Water. (#16)
Phytoremediaition (total entries – 3)
Edwin Mariita, Kenya. Vetiver Latrine in Busia, Kenya. (#19)
Oswaldo Luque, Venezuela. Vetiver Biofilter System. (#20)
Agriculture (total entries – 6)
Piet Gustaaf Sabbe, Ecuador. Vetiver on Contour Lines in Your Farm and in the Landscape. (#21)
Highland Research and Development Institute, Thailand
Slope Stabilization (total entries – 5)
Marietta Isabel Landis, Panama. Sustainable Regeneration (#28)
Other Uses (total entries – 2)
Hanping Xia, Liyu Xu, Peng Wang, PR China. Vetiver for Human Beings — Vetiver Science Education for Children (#33)
Ngwainmbi Chia Simon, Cameroon. Vetiver Bi-Product (#32)
Handicrafts (total entries – 1)
Oswaldo Luque, Venezuela. Methodology Vetiver Handicrafts Projects in Venezuela (#34)
Each of the above videos will receive an award of US$500. The overall winner will be determined after polling this Facebook groups membership early in the new year. Category winners and runner ups (2nd place) will receive a certificate acknowledging their award, all others will receive a certificate of participation. The full details of all the evaluations can be found at this link. I hope you find the videos interesting and instructive, and to all who entered videos into the competition and to the five judges — thank you
Jim Smyle, President, TVNI, and Nongpun Meechuen Kosolsak
NOTE: We have just been informed by the organizers of ICV7 that people who entered the video competition, can if they wish, submit their videos along with two or three pages of text describing development activities relating and supporting the context of the video. Details of submission can be found at this link. The deadline for submission is December 31, 2022

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