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Propagating Vetiver Grass – some practical advice from southern Spain

Recently a state-owned, Surinamese company that is involved in the mining of minerals and ores reached out to TVNI to locate a supplier for Vetiver Grass and inquire about what they might expect should they establish their own nursery.  Dave and Anna, the owners of Vetiver Spain (a reputable and reliable Vetiver supplier in Spain) asked their head gardener to provide his insights and recommendations on propagating Vetiver in their southern Spain location:

  • Where to plant? Vetiver does OK in shaded areas but the best plants by far are those that get full sun all day.  
  • When to plant? We have found that there is very slow above ground growth when the nighttime temperatures drop below 10O C. We can plant all year round but our best results are planting in late March so the plants have the advantage of long hot summer.
  • When to harvest? The favourite age to harvest is when the plants are between 6 months and a year old.  They have very few woody stalks and are easier to harvest and split for propagation.  Proportionately, there are more saleable slips in this age of plant than in older plants and it is much less labor intensive.

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