Dr Umesh Lavania of the Department of Botany at the University of Lucknow, India, and a longtime friend and member of the Vetiver Network International, has, with his team, identified and tested a new sterile vetiver clone named CIMAP-FORAGIKA. The clone is fast growing, has a superior root system, and 1.5 times the tillering rate of any other known vetiver clone. It is morphologically different with soft leaves, rich in protein and crude fiber, and low in carbohydrates.

Full details can be found at this link. Plant material is available. The attached image shows CIMAP-FORAGIKA (right) with rows of other clones to the left (all of the same age). With its superior roots, leaf and stem biomass it will be an attractive forage. Added to this, the new clone’s erosion control, water conservation, and drought tolerant characteristics, could be a game changer for small farmers. Interestingly this is a north Indian diploid vetiver.

Dick Grimshaw