Watts Bridge Airfield, Queensland, Vetiver Waste Water treatment update

This constructed wetland has been operating since 2005 and is still working well. So well that effluent throughput could be doubled. Here is some comparative data from one of the test wells (#4) for years 2008 and (2017): pH:7 (6.5); P mg/l: 1.2 (0.25); Ammonium N: 0.13 (0.1); Nitrite N: 003 (0.022); Nitrate N: 0.097 (0.063), Nitrite + Nitrate N: 0.01 (0.041); Fecal coliform cfu/100ml: 10 (10). This system was installed by Paul Truong (Veticon). Note that out of the four test wells only well #4 had water in it. All the others were dry in 2017.
This link takes you to an earlier presentation by Paul Truong including images and details:
This  type of vetiver application is highly replicable, low cost and efficient
Here is an update analysis of sample taken August 28 2017:
Total Phosphorus as P mg/L 0.10
Ammonia N mg/L 0.064
Nitrite N mg/L 0.002
Nitrite+Nitrate as N mg/L 0.096
Nitrate N (Calc) mg/L 0.094


Thermo tolerant Coliforms (MF) cfu/100mL