Vetiver System Awards – 2009

During the year TVNI announced the following prizes:

A. Best Vetiver Picassa Gallery – $500
B. Best Vetive Blog – $250
C. Best new Vetiver technical innovation on the Internet – $250

We would like to invite those of you who participate on the Internet in relation to Vetiver System research, development and promotion to be the judges.

Please send your recommendations to TVNI by January 15 2009.

Below is a partial list of known sites that are more or less dedicated to Vetiver System technology, there may be more that you know of.

Pecan Hill Plant Farm (Alabama USA -website)
CV Akawangi (Indonesia – website)
Vetiver Systems Hawaii (blog)
Vetiver Sardinia (Italy – blog)
Vetiver Naajbaal (Senegal – website)
Vetiver Senegal (blog)
Vetiver Senegal (Picassa Gallery)
Agriflora Tropicals (Puerto Rica – website)
Vetiver Solutions Blog (Puerto Rica – blog)

East Bali Poverty Project (Indonesia- website) (New Zealand – website)
Biosolutions Inc (Philippines – website)
Sustainable Land Use Forum (SLUF) Ethiopia
Florida Vetiver Systems LLC (website)
Hydromulch (South Africa) (website)
Vetiver System Madagascar – (Picassa gallery)
Latin America Vetiver Network – Vetiver Latina (blog)

All TVNI sites are excluded. Results will be published on TVNI website before the end of January 2009

Dick Grimshaw