VETIVER ROOT – What does it look like in Brazil?

Every now and then something comes up to remind us what an interesting and wonderful plant Vetiver is. Recently Fernando Cost Pinto of Brazil dug up this 4 meter plant to display at Congresso Sobrade 2009 this month. The 300 participants had never seen vetiver before and had little idea of its use for land restoration and conservation. They were suitably impressed.
Brazilians are becoming a lot more interested in the Vetiver System; the country has an ideal climate to support strong and rapid growth of the plant, and has huge potential demand for its many applications. TVNI will be working closely with Fernando and others to disseminate the technology. If you would like to see how Fernando dug this root up, he has a fascinating picture gallery at:
He also has some rather interesting photos of the roots at:
Among them are some red roots that are thicker than the average, from which emerge a mass of smaller roots, a bit like the core of a fibre optics cable – interesting – have never seen this before
Dick Grimshaw