Vetiver Hedgerows and Training in Haiti

Criss Juliard, a TVNI director, has recently been helping to train Haitians in the Vetiver System.  Criss has a wide experience in Vetiver System applications, particularly in Madagascar – a very similar climate and conditions to Haiti (extreme rainfall, high incidence of deforestation, and major erosion problems).
Here are some of his photos.  From top to bottom:
An 8 month old hedge has already held back 15 cm of sediment, and is starting to create a natural terrace.
Teaching Haitians how to plant vetiver correctly – across the slope and close spacing.  His students learned quickly.  Notice the good quality planting material.
Students planting a vetiver hedgerow on steep land
Vetiver under partial shade, good for landscaping and boundary demarcation
This roadside vetiver was used as a source of plant material
If others would like to share their vetiver photos please send them to me.  We will shortly establish a photo gallery focusing on Haitian vetiver.