Vetiver Grass Technology for Small Tropical Islands.

Currently there are a number of initiatives using various vetiver applications, especially for soil conservation, pollution control, and slope stabilization. Most are funded locally and by small UNDP and other regional grants. A lot can be done with a little money and by folks whom are committed to working with local and mostly poor communities. Here is a video that June Slinger, CEO of Eco Strategies Grenada, sent me about a vetiver program in Grenada, Caribbean. — that she is responsible for. Well produced (18 minute)
On the other side of the world a Vetiver pilot program is launched and funded for Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. The attached (39 minutes) video is a recording of the project launch meeting held early this week by Zoom. It includes a useful presentation by Robinson Vanoh who is the Vetiver Coordinator for the South Pacific Islands. Robinson is a committed and experienced in Vetiver. He lives in Papua New Guinea , and is an Assistant Director of TVNI. He will also be the external advisor to the program. Paul Oana, CEO of Pacific Exchange (a local NGO) is project manager. We wish them and the participants good luck
Both of these programs are short term pilot/start up vetiver projects that are small enough to be funded through regional and local aid offices. If successful they should be able to attract funds for scale up operations and projects.