TVNI Annual Vetiver System Awards

As promised we have now selected the winners of this years awards. It was not easy to make the final choices. I arbitrarily (my privilege) decided to exclude the best website, since none were very good and were in any case eclipsed by the new Vetiver related blog sites. So instead we are making awards to three blog sites. The awards are:

Yoann Coppin of Madagascar. The best Picassa Vetiver Systems gallery – $500.
Yoann Coppin for an excellent depiction of sand dune stabilization in Madagascar and the involvement of small farmers in plant material production

Alberto Rodriguez – Puerto Rico – The best Vetiver System Blog – $250.
Alberto Rodriguez has not only created an excellent blog site “Vetiver Solutions”, but has provided us all an example of how powerful a VS blogsite can be. He has also shown initiative in helping others to develop blogsites. He has also established the Caribbean Vetiver Network Google Group

Marco Forti – Italy – The best Vetiver System Blog with new ideas – $250. Marco has shown great initiative in creating his blogsite “Journal of the Land”. It is both in English and Italian and is full of innovative Vetiver applications.

Tony Cisse – Senegal – The best Vetiver System Blog that combines a blog with Picassa picture albums – $250.

Congratulations to you all, and congratulations to all of you who have taken the initiative to share VS information via the web.

Winners will receive a certificate and a check from TVNI.

In January 2010 TVNI will make awards for the: best website, most innovative blog site, the most valuable and informative Picassa gallery album, and the best DVD movie uploaded to Google video ( – max length 30 minutes. More than one movie allowed. Each prize will be worth $250.


Dick Grimshaw