The 6th International Vetiver Conference – May 5-8 2015

The 6th International Vetiver Conference – May 5-8 2015.  This conference, “Vetiver System: Empowering Sustainable Development”, is only 3 months away and will be held in Danang, Vietnam.. 
We encourage you and your colleagues to attend this conference to see and hear how the Vetiver System can significantly and positively impact on crucial environmental related development issues that are currently facing those tropical and semi tropical countries having a high dependency, and for their protection and preservation. Problems range from reducing soil and water loss on farm land, improving groundwater, mitigating disasters caused by extreme weather conditions, stabilizing soil based infrastructure, decontaminating polluted soil and water, and other related topics.  Many users of the technology will be attending, and participants will learn how the Vetiver System technology can be applied successfully under different climatic and topographical conditions.  We would encourage those of you who have social media sites to post this message, and in particular copy it to key professionals in your community (government and non-government) at local and state level who you think might benefit by participating in the conference. For details of the conference and registration see: 


Note there is a 20% discount for registration before January 31 2015.”