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In recognition of technical excellence in Research, Development and Application of the Vetiver System, TVNI will award individuals, organizations and companies a Certificate of Excellence in one or multiple areas:

  1. Soil & moisture conservation (on-farm and/or off-farm, watershed protection, land, gully, and waterway protection
  2. Environmental management (disturbed land reclamation, carbon sequestration, biofuel).
  3. Research
  4. Nursery, propagation and supply
  5. Alternative uses (handicrafts, medicinal uses, landscaping, others)
  6. Community involvement & extension

The purpose of “Certification of Technical Excellence” is twofold − (i) recognition of high-quality work and the demonstration of a high level of knowledge in specific areas of the Vetiver System technology; and (ii) the qualification of the certified person and their relevant area of excellence in order to make it easier for potential clients to know what area of excellence the certified person has actually achieved and has capability.

To apply for certification, TVNI requires that you prepare a report introducing yourself (or organization or company) along with appropriate background information and documentation. The submission should substantiate the applicants proven capability to fully design, cost, and implement Vetiver Systems programs, including the capability to plan and manage the relevant, associated training and/or technical information programs. For each area of competence in certification is sought, specific details of the applicant’s role, responsibility, personal involvement and accomplishments must be provided. If certification in more than one of the seven application areas is requested, a separate section in the report should be provided for each. Based on the evidence provided, the TVNI will evaluate whether to grant a Certificate of Excellence for the area or areas in which the applicant has demonstrated both competence and application of good practices.

TVNI has no particular format or form to fill out when requesting certification. What we need is for you to provide us with as clear an explanation as possible of what your personal role has been − perhaps in the form of a timeline − with as much detail as you think necessary for us to able to judge your technical competence and knowledge. Your documentation of your experience, knowledge and results should provide the detail needed for the areas or areas in which you seek certification. For those seeking certification in “Nursery, propagation and supply”, applicants should demonstrate (photos) standard nursery practice, slip selection, bundling, handling and marketing. They would also have to show that the plant material is non-fertile.

In addition to your written statement and description of your work and its outcomes, TVNI requests:

  • Photographic evidence of your achievement. Video can be very useful as well, especially if it can include third party testimonials to what you have done and Where pictures of hedgerows are provided, please be sure that the reviewers can clearly see if the hedgerows were correctly planted (i.e., spacing between plants and spacing between hedgerows).
  • Geographic location of works that are the basis for the certification Preferably you should show locations using the Vetiver Systems Project on iNaturalist