Some Interesting Reading for the New Year (2015)

Greetings!  May all our readers have a useful year in 2015.  I hope that many of you will be able to join us for the 6th International Vetiver Conference to be held in Da Nang, Vietnam from May 5-8th. Details at:  I am now back in a very foggy and cool Pacific North West, having had a few weeks of sun in southern California and Arizona. The impact of drought in these two states is pretty dramatic and makes one realize that a lot more should be done to improve our soil and water conservation measures – whatever the methods might be, and wherever located.

I have been collecting a few links to some Vetiver items/news that some of you  might be interested in.  Here they are:

Vetiver grass: A solution for Land Rehabilitation:

Philippines: Propagating ‘Vetiver grass’ For Disaster Preparedness:

Vetiver System: A Green Investment For Sustainable Development
Vetiver Grass : A Sustainable Option for Slope Protection and Many Others

Vetiver System benefits to to the farmer: low input, low cost, permanent, and sustainable: (John Greenfield on video)

An Urban Waste Water Solution: African Vetiver Grass:

A Remedy Against Erosion:

Control de erosion y saneamiento de efluentes. Conferencia sobre Vetiver – Dr Paul Truong:

I draw particular attention to Dr. Effiom Oku 0f Nigeria who is a Senior Research Fellow for Land and Water Resources at UNU-INRA work on testing the potential of Chrysopogon nigritana  (see Urban waste water treatment above) for waste water treatment.  We will be writing more about this later.

Dick Grimshaw