Promoting the Vetiver System with Video

How often do you check out vetiver videos on YouTube?  Over the past few years there has been an increasing number of vetiver videos that touch nearly all applications.  For those of you who haven’t visited recently,  I suggest you spend a few minutes looking at some of them.  One of the most prolific group of videos (comprising mainly of photos) is from Julio Estrada of Colombia. Julio manages to bring relevant images from all over the world.  It is extraordinary how he finds the time to put them together, but we are grateful to him and others who share their experiences and perceptions of this unique plant and its applications.  The shear number of YouTube videos is just another example of the increasing use of the Vetiver System.  As we have to face the impact of climate change it would be nice to see more videos relating to water, ground water, flood control, and waste water management. Here is an example of water applications from Julio Estrada’s collection. Keep posting!!

Dick Grimshaw