Progress In Haiti

Criss Juliard is working with the WINNER project in Haiti  and has created a training program in Vetiver System propagation and application.  The first three images show the establishment of quality nurseries for vetiver multiplication.  Note the nurseries are focussing on the production of containerised poly bag plants and  1 meter vetiver strips (see third image).  The advantage of these methods is that there is much less chance of being washed out by heavy rains.
these are a few early pictures of Haiti, not in any special order. We are at the ground floor on installation, but that is OK, because as always, one has to have a good stock of high quality
plants before one can do some serious soil protection. Because of the onset of hurricanes, we opted on the multiplication card rather than on the quick bare root planting, most of which could  get washed away   with one or two heavy downpours. Outplanting will begin in March of 2011 at the beginning of the rainy season.”
Preparation of beds to create vetiver strips 1 meter long.  These are planted as continuous lengths to create hedgerows
Using polybagged reared plants for road stabilization
Good quality planting on a river bank