Professional Certification

Vetiver System Bioengineering & Phytoremediation

Eligibility and Certification Criteria


Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • Hold a relevant professional license from an accredited licensing program or relevant University degree or have more than 5 years of relevant professional experience.
  • Licensed professional with 3 years of experience with Vetiver applications or, without such license, 5 years of experience with Vetiver applications.
  • Have been responsible for all aspects of Vetiver application (site/problem assessment, design, installation and establishment),
  • Can demonstrate 3 successful Vetiver applications, all of which are at least 3 years old.


Required Proof/Documentation

  • Copy of current professional license or degree,
  • List of all Vetiver applications in which the applicant has been involved in any capacity. The list should include:
    • date and purpose of the installation,
    • role and responsibility of the applicant in the installation,
    • an indication of the size of the application (meters of hedgerow and/or total area protected/stabilized and/or of wastewater treated: contaminants of interest, volumes, treatment type (wetland, irrigated dryland),
    • whether or not the installation is still intact and functioning or if “unknown”, and
    • the geo-coordinates of the applications (relating to this certification) for which the applicant was responsible.
  • Reference letters from the contracting party of each of the applications upon which the request for certification is based.
  • A structured presentation of each of the applications upon which the request for certification is based. Said presentations to include: (i) statement of the problem and the objectives of the Vetiver application. (ii) Project description: project name, geographic location, altitude, climate zone, area size, description and, any other relevant attributes; (iii) summary of principal findings from site assessment that influenced design; (iv) summary of design; (v) timeline of photos/videos that demonstrate progression of project (before, site work, installation, at completion, maintenance, today); and (vi) a short narrative describing the experience with the job, particularly any challenging aspects and how they were handled.
  • For phytoremediation, the applicant must also provide accredited documentation and backup in respect to specific applications and research conducted with vetiver grass. The presentation should also include all supporting laboratory, testing and monitoring data that demonstrate (i) the issues, pre-treatment and (ii) the efficacy of the installed vetiver treatment system over time (e.g., at 3, 6 and 12 months).


NOTE: the $250 professional certification fee should be paid via the donation button on the TVNI website ( When completing the payment information required, please include “professional certification fee” under “special instructions to seller” box. Note TVNI will not start an application review until the fee has been paid.