Private Sector at work with Vetiver in Madagascar

Readers should be interested in the following email from Coppin Yoann in Madagascar. It just shows what individuals can do to produce vetiver plant material on a large scale. I would say that he is the sort of person who will take VS a long way in Madagascar, and is an example to others in other countries.

From: Coppin Yoann

Good day,

I’m working with the vetiver system to stabilize the slopes since four years at Madagascar and I want to introduce myself to the Vetiver Network, especially I’m interested to include the Vetiver Network Madagascar. My first project, that was in 2003-2004, is already in the vetiver network’s website (“Réhabilitation agro-environnementale à Madagascar”- two projects) 50,000 vetiver plants were planted against erosion on deforested soils; thanks to this project I receveid a national prize from the French education ministry.

Next, I worked one and a half year for a NGO including activities with the vetiver system against erosion (100,000 plants were planted). Also, I made consulting service for an other project, in order to evaluate the installation of vetiver hedges to stabilize the slopes near a canal and to supply the 50,000 plants necessary to start the nurseries.

Then, I was park manager and I produced 200,000 vetivers in pots for the mining project on Fort-Dauphin, in order to sell to Hydromulch. Finally, I’m working since one year for Hydromulch, to supply the vetiver for the most
important project of slopes stabilization with the vetiver at Madagascar at this day: I produced 1,500,000 vetivers plants in pots in one year, through 36 local farmers’s nurseries. I was also manager and supervisor for the
plantations on site.

Now, I want to create my own company of vetiver propagation and plantations, so I think that’s good to include your network. Maybe, is there some help from this network to create this type of company and especially to find

I hope we’ll stay on contact.


Yoann Coppin

Email: [email protected]