News from China

The second year of a new project: ”Vetiver and agroforestry for poverty reduction and natural resource protection in the Dabie mountains of China”, supported by Germany, continues to promote VS technology in this very poor part of China.

Mr. Yong Lu, associate professorfrom School of Economics and Management, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, has redesigned our website  When opened by Google Chrome browser it can be nicely translated to English

A new book “Vetiver System Research, Application and Extension”, edited by Xia Hanping and Liyu Xu will introduce new VS development since 2008 in China and in the world. This will follow a book titled “Vetiver System: Theory and Practice” published in 2008.


We will establish a new network: Southwest China Vetiver Network based on  Kunming to promote VS development in a region covered by many mountains.

Vetiver Coordinator, Liyu Xu.