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VETIVER SYSTEM APPLICATION IN THE USA AND MEXICO Presentation by Paul Truong* and Brad Granley**
*TVNI Coordinator Asia and Oceania
** Leggette, Brashears & Graham Inc., Senior Associate
A Changing Industry: On-site Phytoremediation of Landfill Leachate Using Trees and Grasses – Case Studies Presentation by Brad A. Granley*, Paul N. Truong**
* Leggette, Brashears & Graham Inc., Senior Associate **TVNI Coordinator Asia and Oceania
Constructed Vetiver Wetlands in Jimma, Ethiopia Connie Bottenburg
Sand Stabilization
High Speed Train Medina-Mecca
Presented at INECO – 28 January 2013
Coordination: [email protected]
Vetiver for farmers: how to multiply, plant contour hedges, plug gullies PLUS KENYA farmer pamphlet
Vetiver multiplication PLUS KENYA pamphlet
Vetiver hedge establishment
for engineering purpose
PLUS KENYA pamphlet
Vetiver hedge maintenance
in semi-arid areas
PLUS KENYA pamphlet
Comparing constructed contour banks with Vetiver System PLUS KENYA pamphlet
Regreening gunnited slopes in HongKong using vetiver The presentation of Dr. P.K.Yoon’s work in regreening gunnited highway cut slopes in HongKong is unique. It is a worth reminding ourseleves at this time of his orginal work on vetiver whilst he was at the Rubber Research Station of Malaysia nin the early 1990s. Hism seminaL reportm is of value tod ay as it was 20 years ago. Look See at Vetiver