The Vetiver Network International

5th International vetiver Conference India (2105) – Proceedings


(28 – 30 Nov 2011, Lucknow, India)


  Carbon Sequestration and Carbon Dioxide Emission in Vetiver Grass Cultivation Areas in Thailand.
King of Thailand Award: Agiculture Application
Vetiver Solution: A total success in Landslide Stabilisation in Brazil
TVNI Climate Change Award
Integration of Vetiver System within conventional erosion control, Brazzaville Congo
TVNI Innovation Award
Twenty years of contributions by the Tvni global vetiver champion award winner
TVNI Global Vetiver Champion Award

Order Titles Paper and powerpoint
1 The King of Thailand – the Country’s Vetiver Initiator Ampol Senanarong 0-1a
2 The Legacy of the Vetiver Network International: A Tribute to its Founding Fathers Dale Rachmeler 0-2
1.    Climate Change
3 Global Review of Contribution of VST in Alleviating  Climate Change Disasters Paul Truong 1-1 1-1a
4 Vetiver: A Possible Initiator of Afforestation/Reforestation Projects Under CDM M.P. Singh 1-2 1-2a
5  1-3  1-3a
6 Some thoughts on contributions of Vetiver System in mitigating climate change Elise Pinners 1-4 1-4a
7 Vetiver Grass Model for Long term Carbon Sequestration and Development of Designer Genotypes for Implementation
King of Thailand Cerificate of Excellent: Agriculture Research
Umesh Lavania 1-5 1-5a
8 How did Vetiver System Technology perform during the Summer of Disasters in Australia Paul Truong 1-6 1-6a
9 Vetiver  system in soil and water conservation
and soil carbon stock in Thailand
Pitayakon Limtong   1-7  
10 Confronting Climate change: Vetiver System Applications Jim Smyle   1-8a
11 João Henrique Eboli, Paulo R. Rogério and Paul Truong   1-9          1-9a
12 Climate change vis-à-vis soil system modelling possibilities for Vetiver based land use in West coast of Karnataka, India   E V S Prakasa Rao, P Goswami, V Ramamurthy and L G K  Naidu 1-10 1-10a
  2. Infrastructure Protection
13 Application of Vetiver System for erosion control in Brazil Paula L Pereira and Paul Truong 2-1 2-1a
14 Vetiver experiences in Ecuador Daniel Mascaro   2-2a
15 Garden retaining wall with the use of Vetiver in environmental conservation area, Brazil Fernando Barcellos 2-3  
16 Experiences in the stabilisation of a large gully at spring area property from Agua Minalba, Venezuela Rafael Luque 2-4 2-4a
17 Alain Ndona 2-5          2-5a
18 Integration of Vetiver System within conventional erosion control, Brazzaville Congo (in French) Alain Ndona 2-6  
19 Overview on Vetiver Technology Applications in Indonesia Asep SunandaR and Nanny Kusminingrum 2-7 2-7a
20 Vetiver System for Natural Disaster Mitigation in Vietnam: Some lessons learned after a decade of application Tran Tan Van and Paul Truong 2-8 2-8a
21 Coastal erosion control and landscaping Using vetiver grass   Luiz Lucena, Paula L. Pereira and Debora T. Assis         2-9 2-9a
22 Protection of river banks by using Vetiver System Technology in Malappurum district of Kerala   A.K Madhu and  P. Haridas   2-10 2-10a
23 The vetiver system for infrastructure stabilisation In Africa Roley Noffke   2-11 2-11a
24 Sustainable  vetiver  system  in  erosion control  and  stabilization  for  highways  slopes  in  Thailand   Surapol Sanguankaeo, Lalit Sawasdimongkol, Preecha  Jirawanwasana   2-12 2-12a
25   VST in River and Canal Bank Stabilisation in Central Vietnam: Success and failure 10 years later Tran Van Man, Huynh Van Thang and Paul Truong 2-13 2-13a
  3. Environmental Protection
26 Recent Advancement in R&D and Applications of the Vetiver System in Environmental Protection Paul Truong and Nicholas Truong 3-1 3-1a
27 CSR-EMP Integration and Vetiver System in Mining Industry: Nature at our Service Shantanoo Bhattacharya  and Khanindra Pathak   3-2 3-2a
28 Introduction of Vetiver System in Coffee effluent treatment H R Rao   3-3a
29 The demonstrative study on the application of eco-technology to the treatment of mud-and-rock-caused broken structures in the high-altitude dry-hot valleys and the consequent production of biomass fuel Bo Huang 3-4  
30 Vetiver Grass Technology as an Alternative to Mechanical Waste Water Treatment   Mohammad  Golabi and Daniel Duguies 3-5  
31 Vetiver: An Amazing Plant for the Green City   Narong Chomchalow 3-6 3-6a
32 Vetiveria zizanioides Vis-À-Vis Rehabilitation of Degraded and Contaminated Soils:  Some Case Studies D.D Patra 3-7 3-7a
33 A hydroponic vetiver system to remove cadmium and chromium from contaminated water   N.Jayanthi, Selvi Subramanian and J.Hema    3-8 3-8a
34 Vetiver can grow on fly ash without DNA damage     Rajarshi Chakraborty and Anita Mukherjee 3-9 3-9a
35 Molecular analysis of Vetiveria plant to assess potentiality for Arsenic phytoremediation S. Tiwari, B.K. Sarangi, Tushar Dash, M.V. Seralathan, Dinesh Yadav and R. A. Pandey 3-10 3-10a
36 Enhanced reclamation efficiency of Vetiveria zizanioides at polluted sites compared to experimental pots   M.K.Gupta and Vimala Yerramilli   3-11 3-11a
  4.Vetiver Oil
37 Importance of “Vetiver Oil” in Perfumery S.C. Varshney   4-1 4-1a
38 Use of vetiver grass in organic cultivation of aromatic crops Ramakant Harlalka and Nikunj Harlalka 4-2 4-2a
39 Vetiver an industrially viable annual crop for its prized essential oil Cultivation of vetiver as an annual crop for its essential oil to realize high return and industrial sustainability   H S Chauhan, H P Singh, V K S Tomar, A K Singh, H N Singh, Awadh Bihari, R K Lal and   R P Bansal 4-3 4-3a
40 Seasonal impact on yield and major constituent of essential oil of Vetiveria zizaniodes L. Nash grown under Jorhat condition, Asaam, India   Rumi Kotoky, S.C.Nath,H. Lekhak, J.C.Sarma and S.Kalita 4-4 4-4a
  5. Basic Research
41 Nuclear technology for vetiver variety improvement: Gamma radiosensitivity studies     N. Roongtanakiat, P. Jompuk, T. Rattanawongwiboon and R. Puingam 5-1  
42 Poster Genetic diversity of Vetiver clones (Chrysopogon zizanioides and Chrysopogon nigritana) available in South Africa based on sequencing analysesICV5 Second prize Poster Award   V. Diedericks, K. Conradie, S. Barnard   5-2 5-2a
43 Growth and Ion Content in Salt Tolerant and Normal Lines of Vetiveria nemoralis A. Camus under Salt Stress   S. Sritubtim, M. Nanakorn and P. Thanomchart   5-3  
44 Leaf Anatomy of Vetiver Grass Supporting the  Potentially Carbon Sequestration
King of Thailand Cerificate of Excellent: Non Agriculture Research 
S.Thammathaworn, and P. Khnema   5-4 5-4a
  6. Dissemination
45 N. Chomchalow 6-1 6-1a
46 The Promotion and Extension of Vetiver System by PTT Public Company Limited
King of Thailand Award: Dissimilation, Non Government Agency
 Salinla-Umpai   6-2 6-2a
47 Cultivation of Vetiver as a Learning Process in Border Patrol Police Schools in the Remote Areas of Thailand
King of Thailand Award: Dissimilation, Government Agency 
Amporn Olarnskul,Sak Sobbong. Supatneekit Nonting, Pisoot Vijarnsorn.   6-3 6-3a
48 Showcasing Vetiver Technology 
ICV5 First prize Poster Award  
Abdul Samad and P Haridas 6-4 6-4a
49 VST New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea
TVNI Vetiver Country (PNG) Award
Robinson Vinoh   6-5a
50 Contribution of Development of VS in Venezuela since 2000 to 2011 Oswaldo Luque 6-6  
51 The initiation and extension of vetiver handicraft technology in China Liyu Xu   6-7  
52 Vetiver – the “Kataraghas” could emerge as a multifarious tool for rural development in flood prone areas of North Bihar, India V.Jha, A.B.Verma, Rajeev Kumar1 and Manishankar Jha 6-8 6.8a
53 Sustainable systems and disseminations in Hawaii J.B. Fox 6-9  
  7. Soil and Water Conservation
54 The Vetiver System, a biological solution for development and conservation in Madagascar
TVNI Vetiver Champion Award King of Thailand Cerificate of Excellent: Dissimination, non Government Agency
Yoann Coppin   7-1 7-1a
55 Utilization of Vetiver Grass and Soil Analysis as a Tool for Bulk Blended Fertilization in a New Rubber Plantation on Sloping Land     Jindarat Chuenrung, Chusak Sajjapongse, Apirat Khaosawee and Thammanoon Kaewkongka 7-2 7-2a
56   Vetiver system – the green tool against erosion
TVNI Vetiver Country (India) Award 
Shantanoo  Bhattacharyya   7-3 7-3a
57 Modeling Ground Water Recharge Under Vetiver Hedgerows K Vinod Kumar   7-4 7-4a
58 Comparative effects of composted vetiver grass, vetiver hedgerows and vetiver mulch on soil quality and erodibility of a degraded soil. K.S. Are, A.O Adelana, A.I. Oyeogbe* and l. Adelabu 7-5 7-5a
59 The promotion of vetiver grass cultivation for soil and water conservation by farmer’s participation
King of Thailand Cerificate of Excellent: Dissimination, Government Agency
Phantip  Panklang  and Jaroon  Piboon 7-6 7-6a
60 Influence of Intercropping between Vetiver Grass and Cover Crops on Soil and Water Conservation and Growth of ‘Namdokmai Seetong’ Mango     Kittipong Treetaruyanont,* Teerask Saengpeng and Boonroum Jancheun    7-7  
61 The  impact of vetiver grass (vetiveria zizanioides nash) integrated with covered plants on soil and water conservation  in  mango orchard at Pakchong  research station, Thailand     Pinit  Karintanyakit,  Kunlayanee  Suvittawat, Ruangsak  Komkhuntod and  Kwanhatai  Tanongjit 7-8  
  8. Pharmaceutical
62 Investigations on biological activity of Vetiveria zizanioides L. Nash, a palingenesis of some important findings in miracle grass
TVNI New Frontier in Veiver Award
Suaib Luqman   8-1 8-1a
63 Antimycobacterial agents from the essential oil of Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash   S. K. Srivastava   8-2 8-2a
64 Antimicrobial  activity and phytochemicals of vetiver        Jayashree,s.j. Rathinamala and P. Lakshmanaperumalsamy   8-3 8-3a
  9. Socio-Economics
65 Essential Oil Production as an Incentive for Using Vetiver Grass in Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated with Zinc or Copper
King of Thailand Cerificate of Excellent: Agriculture Research 
Luu Thai Danh, Paul Truong,Raffaella Mammucari, Neil R. Foster 9-1 9-1a
66 Cost-benefit analysis of vetiver system-based land rehabilitation measures: landslide damaged mountainous agricultural areas
King of Thailand Cerificate of
 Excellent: Non Agriculture Research
Jaruntorn Boonyanuphap 9-2 9-2a
67 The vetiver system for poverty alleviation in Madagascar   Roley Noffke and Yoann Coppin   9-3 9-3a
10. Innovation
68 Potential applications of the Vetiver System in the Lake Amatitlan, Guatemala
TVNI Innovation Award
I Maria Calderon 10-1  
69 Development of Eco-Guide Post for Road Traffic Safety in Rural Areas by Using Vetiver Clay Composites
King of Thailand Award: Non Agiculture Application
R. Parichatprecha, T. Luengkulyanakun, T. Hengsadeekul, and P. Nimityongskul   10-2 10-2a