Dr. Sarawut Ninsawut, Professor Remote Sensing; GIS, Department of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), School of Engineering and Technology (SET), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand and his team together with The Royal Development Projects Board, and The Thai Land Development Department have now launched the International Vetiver Grass Tracking (IVGT) System to track vetiver application site data world wide. The user interactive site will allow free registration of users and others associated with the Vetiver System to locate new and existing sites, update them, and add quantitative data and imagery. Non registered public viewers will be able to view sites and see summarized global data associated with the sites. IVGT will be administered by Thai and TVNI “Administrators”, will be moderated by “Surveyors” and will have a registered ground level membership of “Investigators” who may own their own vetiver sites or who can enter new sites on behalf of other vetiver users. The IVGT will be under the oversight of the Thai Land Development Department (LDD). It is intended that IVGT will follow the principles of Wikipedia – on trust and honest input, with minimum interference by “Surveyor” monitors. Fake vetiver sites will be delete by administrators. The many Vetiver System application sites will be searchable by application site and by country.

There are three internet platforms that support IVGT:
(1) computer based at (operational). (2) Android app from Playstore called IVGT – (available). (3) iOS app currently under review by Apple. All three platforms have the same capability.
TVNI has set up a new forum at to cover a wide range of discussion and has one topic dedicated to IVGT where related announcement and discussion can be read.
Some of the advantages of using IVGT include:L

  •  provides real time data on the location, state and use of VS plantings, from the village to the country level.
  • an be used as a very effective monitoring device for VS introduced under community and other programs/projects
  •  enables both the public and other interested parties to identify site locations of specific application types that can be identified and visited in the field
  •   identifies vetiver nursery sites where plant material is available for sale – useful for potential buyers and a marketing tool for producers.
  • for commercial vetiver application companies (e.g. landscapers, waste water treatment companies) a means to pin point and show case their work.
  • provides the means for IVGT users at all levels to work closer together leading to other future group and cooperative initiatives, as well as help attract development financing at community and or application level
  •   is expected to bring experienced and younger VS activists into the management of TVNI
  •   help promote VS globally