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When reading posts and responses on the Vetiver Grass FaceBook page and from emails that we receive, I have a strong feeling that some of our member/users are not taking full advantage of the information on our website at  I know its a big site and contains many thousands of file that are not always easy to find. The website search engine will bring you to most of the topics that you are looking for, and so yo will “What’s New” –  However I often find that I can get quick and newish information by visiting the Conference and Workshop Proceedings page at:  This page references all the important vetiver conferences and workshops and the relevant proceedings.  The Proceedings list all the papers both text and powerpoint presentation (pdf format) by subtopic.  All can be downloaded.  This blog also has quite a lot of info that can be easily found under the “lables” or via the search engine.  Most Blog items have links to specific papers and topics.

Good luck
Dick Grimshaw