IIT Kharagpur – Tata Steel, Joda East Mine, Erosion Prevention and Slope Stabilization (India)

In 2012 Paul Truong advised Prof Khanindra Pathak and Shantanoo Bhattacharyya on the revegetation of a pilot erosive slope on mine tailings of the Joda East Iron mine owned by IIT Kharagpur – Tata Steel in Bengal India.  Top quality vetiver planting material was used  with initial irrigation. The results are excellent. Already native plants are naturally establishing and even vegetables will grow in this new environment. Although not yet quantified erosion has been significantly reduced, and sediment and soil containing heavy metals have been contained.
Fully detailed photo essay of this work is available on the TVNI website: https://www.vetiver.org/IND_Tata%20Steel.pdf

Congratulations to Prof Pathak, Shantanoo, Paul Truong, and all the mine employees who were involved.