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Welcome to the new (November 2018) Vetiver Network International Forum. Share your views and ideas, and help grow the Vetiver System in both size and quality to the benefit of its users and the Planet at large

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,


TVNI does not often ask for help as we know that you are all have busy lives.  However I am now asking for your active support in making the International Vetiver Grass Tracking system  a success.  Your help involves registering and using the online “application” that has been set up on the Internet (the host server is in Thailand)  NOTE: you do not have to be an actual vetiver user to register and use the app.

The reason why I ask you now to get involved in a serious manner is that currently there is a lot of very interesting vetiver applications being being put into place - at a time when there are many people looking for good solutions to deal with the impact of climate change.  The global vetiver tracking app visually shows where many (of course not all) locations are being used and for what purpose. The more locations on the map the greater should be the interest.!!

The app was developed by the the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand by Dr. Sarawut Ninsawat  and his team and it is currently accessible via computer browser and by a free android app named “IVGT" at: … p&hl=en_US  An iOS app for Apple iPhone and iPad is expected to be approved son.

Dr. Ninsawat produced an initial “guide” and I have updated (based on  my experience) it to help users use the app. This guide is at: and can be read on smart phones.  There are some short comings to the app software at this time but they will be corrected as user feedback is returned. I suggest that you read the guide before you proceed. There is a learning curve, and please do not hesitate to ask questions, you will receive  an immediate response

TVNI has also set up a new Forum - - with a special section for discussion and announcements concerning the tracking system app. including a Q&A section that is also included in the above guide.

There are two basic parts of this tracking app: PART1 is what you see when you open the app - anyone can view this part without registration; PART 2 is for those people who want to see more details, create new vetiver locations, or update and edit existing sites that they may be responsible for or may have visited. To use part 2 you have to register.

Some of you may have already received invitations to register as a “surveyor” in such cases please register. If you have not and are registering for the first time you should register as an “Investigator”.  An investigator allows you access to any site within the country of your registration. If you want to have access to other countries you should register as a”surveyor”. Investigators are automatically authorized; Surveyor registrations have to be approved. Once registered you will need to  have either a Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account to be able to log in.

Please participate and encourage others to do so by copying this email to them or posting on your social media networks. By doing so you will help the world vetiver community and also, if you have one, your own vetiver business

Best wishes and thank you

Dick Grimshaw

NOTE: the above online linkages can all be accessed via TVNI website’s portal page (top middle)

Please do NOT register as an ADMINISTRATOR - ADMINISTRATORS are appointed by invitation only


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