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#1 2018-10-30 00:10:02


Reclamation of the so called "Red Desert" In Guangdong Province China.

In the 1990s I visited an area of about 150 hectares in Guangdong that had eroded virtually to the "C" horizon. It had been rehabilitated to a Eucalyptus plantation through the use of vetiver hedgerows.  Paul Truong dug up the following abstract that might be of interest showing the impact of vetiver on soil fertilty and tree growth.  The original soils and landscape looked like the image in this post

Eucalyptus Plantations
Liao B, Zheng D and Zheng S. (1996). Study on the effect of soil and water conservation of Vetiver grass in Eucalyptus plantations. Proc. First International Vetiver Conf. Chiang Rai, Thailand, February 1996


The main objectives of this trial were to compare the effect of soil and water conservation of Vetiver grass and Stylosanthese guyanensis in Eucalyptus plantations in Guangdong Province, southern China. The site has subtropical climate, high annual rainfall of 2,178mm, with maximum daily rainfall of 241mm. The soil is lateritic on a 5-60 slope gradient. Vetiver and Stylo were planted at interval of 2 rows of Eucalyptus. The site was established in 1991 and the followings are results recorded in 1995 (after 4.5 years):

·       Runoff from Vetiver plots were 15.7% and 18% less than Stylo and control plots respectively

·       Soil loss from Vetiver plots were 30% and 54% less than Stylo and control plots respectively

·       Plant growth (height and diameter) from Vetiver plots were 12.6% and 15.9% more than Stylo and control plots respectively

·       Soil fertility improved with Vetiver planting by trapping soil, water, and branches and dead leaves



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