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Welcome to the new (November 2018) Vetiver Network International Forum. Share your views and ideas, and help grow the Vetiver System in both size and quality to the benefit of its users and the Planet at large

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I had closed this forum for  new registrations over the past few months because of "bot" and other scam registrations. We seem to have got over that problem now and the site is pretty well protected. I have pruned the user list to only known users (200 down to about 25!). In future new REGISTRANTS MUST FOLLOW THE REGISTRATION RULES. If rules are not followed they will be automatically deleted.

This forum provides those interested in VETIVER GRASS TECHNOLOGY a space for more in depth discussion and an opportunity to discuss vetiver issues without having to use Facebook.

Usage will likely be slow in the beginning but I will certainly respond to all the issues that may be brought up, and I hope others will do so too.

Dick Grimshaw


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