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Welcome to the new (November 2018) Vetiver Network International Forum. Share your views and ideas, and help grow the Vetiver System in both size and quality to the benefit of its users and the Planet at large

#1 2018-10-26 16:38:45


Vetiver in Peru

Dear Friends of Vetiver network,

congratulation  to this new  communication tool in our Vetiver Network, which hopefully find an active participation!

In Peru we are not yet actively participating in the  - INTERNATIONAL VETIVER GRASS TRACKING (IVGT) – because the Vetiver System is still not yet widely used in the country.

But here an interesting news from my colleague Alois Kennerknecht from Lima – Peru: In March 2018 he was planting Vetiver, in cooperation with the management of the Hotel Andino –  in Huaraz, in the garden of this hotel a a level of 3100 meters above sea level!!

He received some news an photos from the hotel owner that the Vetiver established  good and is growing well. This is maybe the highest altitude Vetiver was planted in the South American Andean mountains. My colleagues from the Latin American Vetiver network, may correct me please!

Best wishes,
Joe Boehnert – Red Vetiver Perú –


#2 2018-10-27 15:17:07


Re: Vetiver in Peru

That is really interesting Joe, 3100 m is most likely a record elevation. How cold does it get in the winter there? Perhaps the heat from the hotel and its environment help to keep the ground from freezing. None the less, a outstanding example of vetiver's flexibility. Hats off to Alois.


#3 2018-11-15 14:45:48


Re: Vetiver in Peru

Hi Joe, what I have seen in tropical uplands is that the problem can often be the limited hours of sun, due to heavy cloud cover, fog, mist, etc,   Of course, the low (for vetiver growing conditions) average annual temperatures are also a big factor in plant vitality. It will be interesting to have Alois observations as time goes on...


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