We welcome the initiative of the Vietnam Vetiver Network for setting up a crowdfunding platform for global vetiver initiatives.
Vietnam is a coastal state, three quarters of which is made up of low mountains and hilly regions. An average of 10 typhoons and tropical depression hit the country annually, causing major erosional hazards, resulting in disastrous landslides and other events that damage nearby schools, houses, and crops; destabilizing infrastructures such as roads, bridges, and influx of salt water; and often results in contaminated land and water. Fortunately, the Vetiver System has been developed and used in Vietnam for disaster mitigation, infrastructure protection, and clean up of contaminated land (including remediation of (Agent Yellow) dioxin contamination) and water for more than 10 years. Currently with an increased awareness and demand for vetiver, Vietnam Vetiver Network has moved to a new phase in its promotion — this new website included with a crowdfunding platform is one part of it. This crowdfunding platform will offer individuals, community groups, or non-profit organizations a chance to successfully carry out their Vetiver programs to conserve soil and water, improve soil fertility, remove contaminants from land and water resources, stabilize soil based structures, and provide community trainings, etc. For those reasons, we hope to have your support and participation in developing and advancing this Vietnam initiative. For more information visit and for the crowdfunding mechanism:
The Vietnam Vetiver Network is a registered organization falling under the Danang Vetiver Foundation. It has full backing and support of the Vetiver Network International.