This page is dedicated for various announcements originating from TVNI. We will also place vetiver related announcements submitted by the vetiver community like training workshops, conferences and webinars. To do this you should send the announcement to the Webmaster at [email protected]

VETIVER PLANTING LOCATION MAPPING – CASH PRIZE COMPETITION. TVNI will award three prizes: Ist Prize US$500, 2nd prize $300 and 3rd prize $200 to those persons who add the greatest number of Vetiver Grass Technology (VGT) application sites to iNaturalist by March 31 2022. Go to to see what locations have already been entered. Take a look at the “Journal” to see the details. Please try and find some time to add even one or two entries as this all helps others to know where vetiver is being grown and used. It is easy to join iNaturalist and there is no cost involved. TVNI Board members are ineligible from participating for the prizes.