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The Shear Strength of Vetiver

Paul Truong, who is currently visiting the US sent us this note from Alabama. The owner of a restaurant in Dadphne, near Mobile, Alabama,planted vetiver to reinforce the foundation of his restaurant behind the steel plated retaining wall.From the size…

Vetiver web sites for Africa

It is really good to see the expansion of the Vetiver System in Africa.  There are three websites that have particular focus on Vetiver for Africa that you will find helpful and that could be shared with potential Vetiver users….

South Africa Vetiver Network

Back in the 1990s a network was established in SouthAfrica under the National Resources Institute, part of the University of Natal located at Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu Natal. The network sadly withered away for various reasons. Now Rudi Scheepers is hoping to…