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Vetiver System Pamphlets

A primary objective of TVNI is to encourage the sharing of Vetiver Systems information.  Recently PLUS KENYA has sent us 5 pamphlets that it has developed for vetiver users in Kenya.  VS users might find them useful, and could be translated into…

Vetiver Roots

These  photos of vetiver roots are from Charlie Pate, Alabama, USA.  Thanks Charlie, you are a pro!  TVNI has a presentation on roots by Paul Truong, can be found at: 

Vetiver Installation Guide for Hawaii

A very nice and informative Guide prepared by Prepared by Oahu Resource Conservation and Development Council in cooperation with USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Pacific Islands Area. The Aggies in Hawaii are keen on the Vetiver System and have done a great job in…

A Maestro’s Solution for using Vetiver for slip stabilization in Hong Kong

Dr.P.K.Yoon was a founding Board Director of The Vetver Network International. His extensive research on Vetiver morphology, physiology Propagation are fundamental to the success of the Vetiver System today. See “Look See at Vetiver“: In addition Dr. Yoon’s R&D on…

Why Vetiver System is effective for steep slope stabilization – GEOTROPISM

Geotropism of vetiver (P.K.Yoon) Paul Truong, Technical Director of TVNI brings us this amazing photo gallery of VS demonstrating extreme slope stabilization from Africa, Asia and and South America. The presentation “Geotropism of Vetiver” is compelling.  It starts with work by Dr….