A Maestro’s Solution for using Vetiver for slip stabilization in Hong Kong

Dr.P.K.Yoon was a founding Board Director of The Vetver Network International. His extensive research on Vetiver morphology, physiology Propagation are fundamental to the success of the Vetiver System today. See “Look See at Vetiver“: https://www.vetiver.org/MAL_PK.Yoon%20Look%20see/START.HTM
In addition Dr. Yoon’s R&D on Vetiver grass application steep slope stabilisation laid the foundation for its success in Bio-engineering around the world today. Dr. Yoon was awarded the King of Thailand and World Bank Vetiuver Awards in 1993.

Dr. Yoon’s presentation https://www.vetiver.org/MAL_YOON_slipslope-op.pdf on slope stabilization in Hong Kong is a classic example of the high standards that he applies to his work.  Hong Kong landscapes are often very steep and prone to slippage. In the past these problems were mitigated through gunniting – sometimes the gunnite fails (water pore pressure). Also the public gets tired of looking at great walls of concrete (gunnite).  Yoon’ solution was to use vetiver for slope stabilization, and to grow vetiver in the gunnited cut face of the highways. In both instances the application was successful.